Words of top GM toss. 7gate blink allin PVZ..

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Does anyone have a good description of this build, maybe a build order? What do you do against Swarm Hosts?
Does anyone have a good description of this build, maybe a build order? What do you do against Swarm Hosts?


here, I did an example game vs the AI. this is slightly different from hellokitty's build, so it's probably not ideal, but it hits hard and fast. you have a zealot and two stalkers produced out ofyour gateway, and can have 4 more units warping in by 7:25. +1 should finish about 7:35.

a couple things: to line up your timings close to perfectly, you have to briefly cut probes at 6:00 for about 10-15 seconds until you get your three gates up. this also requires you to chrono warp gates 5 times, which is hard to manage unless you've practiced the build. you also have to chrono your forge 3 times. stop chrono on probes after your core goes down or you won't have enough to hit your timings. personally I think it's a good idea to spread out your gateways so he doesn't see them all, and use your first stalker to patrol your main and shoot down his ovie. but higher level players will probably know from your expansion gas timings what is going on.

this game I did a 4 stalker warp-in, which forces me to delay twilight council. for a real game you probably want to do a 4 zealot warp in, which allows you to drop your twilight council around 6:30, right after you drop your 3 gates and resume probe production. after all, the idea with a +1 zealot rush is to force him to make lots of lings before his warren finishes, and then cost-efficiently kill them

This game was done with really good mineral stacking, and I slowed down the speed to do the build better, so it would be really hard to hit these exact timings in a real game. you can get very close though. the zealot rush portion of the build is pretty objective, but for blink, +2 teching, and dropping 3 additional gates you can do it differently depending on how many units you want to warp in, and whether you're warping in zealots for lings or stalkers for roaches.
Anyone got a replay of this vs. a 2-base Zerg?
Would this work vs 2-base Zerg?
I wouldn't be trying to all in a 2 base zerg. Protoss all-ins in PvZ are usually dependent on the Z taking a fast third hatch. Unless you're positive its a 2 base muta, you'll likely just run head on into SH. Also, no Z should be on 2 base around when a +2 blink should be hitting.
Are their any recent replays of this build being executed in hots?

Im also curious to know how this would go against a roach/hydra build

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