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So I have an issue...I like to use my steam overlay for games so I can screenshot/talk with friends/web browse without much lag (Especially for cutscenes, the lag spikes for half a second in HOTS thanks to the weird FPS issues inherent in hots right now as well as whats encountered when using prntscrn are a nightmare, and even without using it a few cutscenes have gone wacko). I used to have a working steam overlay for SC2, but now with hots released it wont work....
I used to have this issue on Diablo 3 last year. I learned that adding -launch to the target/command bit could let it skip launcher directly, open game, and let me use steam overlay. Still works too. And if updates are available, it'll just open launcher instead n let me update....

However it doesn't work on SC2. It'll open launcher anyway (And speaking of that, even a normal exe open has it have this strange little rectangle box with the SC2 logo saying "Checking for updates" EVERY time....doesn't it check IN the launcher not spend 15 seconds checking in another little box before opening client to check again?)

So uh....what gives? Why can't I skip launcher...and why does it check for updates twice in 2 different boxes every time I start up?

Just wondering if there's a way to the skip the launcher like you can with Diablo 3....
Try launching SC2Swicher.exe
StarCraft II\Support\SC2Switcher.exe
Thank god for google. Solved my problem in 30 seconds.

Thanks eld!
Thanks eld, and then I guess if I ever launch starcraft and there is an update how will I know? Will I simply not be able to sign in?
Thanks eld. Unfortunately I still have to sign in using that method. Wish there was a way to just launch to the game and without needing to enter the password...
SC2Switcher.exe where do I find this
03/12/2015 10:50 AMPosted by Hahahah
SC2Switcher.exe where do I find this

If I remember correctly, It should be in the following folder.

C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Support

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