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We're a friendly community group. We started out way back when Wings of Liberty was released as an obs group. That is, a group that hosted games and invited others to observe so that we could offer the players advice and tips after each game.
Basically, we would gather together everyday, each day with a few new members, and just watch and play some games.
Over time, we grew to be decently popular, and we became sort of a mini community on our own before groups existed. Our channel is used for constructive game discussion, hosting games, hanging around, and mainly for improving our players. Anyone from bronze-masters is welcome to join.

Here's a link to one of our old daily sign-up threads, to give you a general idea of what exactly we are:
It'll function a bit differently than that, because it's now a community group, but the idea behind it will remain the same: Help others improve!

Feel free to hang out in the channel, only requirement is that you should be friendly!

Our group name is "Obs Gaming", just search us up.

Message me in-game if you have any questions. Grack.511

Hope you guys choose to join, its a great community!

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