I am Strong

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My life begins, I see my fellows beside me, both as motionless as I am. My body feels heavy. I feel the heat from the world beneath me, Char. Have we retaken the planet? Does my queen wish me to fight for her? The writhing creep beneath me tugs at my mandibles, I squirm away, too slow to do anything, the tendrils wrap around my head and brings me down and I am made to ingest the fleshy earthen substance. When control is granted to me I see four more of my fellows fall to me. Is my Queen near? When did she hatch these? When will I be made to morph? My queen needs me.


Yes my queen, I feel the new strands being woven into my cells. The weight of it all, the immense weight of it all. I sense, blood lust and more than anything, weight. This is Ultralisk DNA I feel. Yes my queen I can serve you as an Ultralisk, please my queen I wish to help you. My thick plates of armor, my massive size, my powerful bladed limbs. I could help you my queen, please let me help you. Again four more of my fellows fall near me, eleven of us now, all squirming against one another, pushing, and made to be fed. It won’t be long now. I turn my body with great effort, crawling over my siblings, I look and see almost nothing with my eyes. I reach into the Hive Mind and see, yes, the outlying broods are now under attack. Large Protoss walkers, Colossi are killing my Brood, it makes no difference. The Swarm is numberless, we will prevail. Please my queen, let me help the Swarm.


Yes my queen. I do as my genetic structure commands me to do. The egg I create around myself is heavy with catalysts and nourishment, I read into my queen’s orders. ULTRALISK DNA. Yes my queen! I can help you! I begin my evolution. My plated body is stripped of all hardness and is dissolved by the vespene liquid in my egg. The mineral feeds into the dissolved plates and my soft body begins to grow, larger I become, my muscles taking shape, my brain expanding. Again I sacrifice my body, my bones leave my body, ripped through my stomach. My form is still expanding. The hardening process is complete, I feel the weight of the armor getting ready to re-fuse to my body. Finally my form explodes, my legs, my teeth and claws, my new eyes, my new brain, my new organs and skeleton. Now for my carapace, my heavy armored plating. It bonds to my skin, covering me, my chest and frill all are heavy with armor. I am now evolved and must hatch. I must grow sharper claws to escape. The molecular thinness of my blades crosses itself, I know I must push harder, I must be free, I am complete I must serve my queen. In a shower of acid and proteins I break through my egg’s case. I am ready to serve my queen as an Ultralisk. I let loose a bellow that shakes the very crust of this volcanic world. I am here to serve the swarm.


Already my queen tells me how to serve her, my thick legs move under me unlike the small many I had before. These four powerful limbs move me along the once hated creep, the tendrils pushing me along, My claws able to dig into the ground and push me forward. The queen wants me to guard a new colony she is forming, I must not fail her. As I leave the safe creep covered ground my feet touch the hot surface of the planet, it is painful, it sears my legs and claws, but I do not care, my queen commands me. I move further onward looking for my destination, I look into the Hive Mind and see nothing of it, only a faint memory of an Infested structure knows where I am going. I let my will be taken over as I am guided to that place. As I find myself returning to my will, I only wish I could push my new muscles further, harder. For my queen.


My queen tells me not to move, the elevated ground I am standing on makes me think that I am close to my destination, why would she want me to stay here? Why my queen? No matter if it is your will then I shall do as you say. I look out into the vast volcanic landscape. Mountains rise and fall along the horizon, the cliff I am on is steep and craggy. A small creature skitters towards me, I raise my heavy leg and crush it, my queen will be proud that I killed something for her.


Now is the time, I feel my queen reaching out to me directly, she is so powerful to control all of us at the same time. And yet I know there are billions more out among the stars all who obey her. My queen commands me to travel to the mountains I saw earlier with my new eyes. I see the creatures my fellows have been morphed into, all Hydralisks. Their powerful snakelike bodies, scythed arms and needle firing spines are strong indeed. From another brood I see more Hydralisks and a pair of Ultralisks, same as myself. From the brood near the cliffs I see another 3 Ultralisks and more than a dozen Hydralisks. Yes this will be a fearsome battle.
As the Hydralisks slither behind me the Ultralisks that have gathered near me face the same direction I do. Our formation is ready my queen. Let us fight for you! The spark deep in my brain triggers me into motion.


My blood lust is suddenly insatiable, venom drips from my open maw, my blades ring with perfection and my powerful legs stamp against the ground charging me forwards. So long have I waited for this hour to come, my queen is using me.
I see them with my new eyes, Protoss. The bright lights coming from their machines, and the electrical noise tearing through the air as their warp blades activate. My first opponent is a Zealot, a pathetic foe. My powerful claws glance against him and remove his head. I AM SO POWERFUL! Next my queen tells me to destroy the Colossi. Before I get within range a burning sensation tears across my head. The Thermal lances have burned me! Again and again they burn me. My new eyes are in pain and I can only charge further toward my goal. I reach the towering machine, larger than even me, I rise up to my hind legs and bring the full weight of my powerful body into its slender legs. They snap underneath it and I have avenged my new eyes. I let them die as I make new ones, these ones are better and cannot burn. I have evolved further.


My fellows and their new brethren continue forward while my new fellows stand beside me, there are four of us who still stand here strong. The others are weak and have died. I am still her my queen. I am still here to serve.
A new genetic order rings into my brain.

“Ultralisk strands good, powerful.
Armor could be condensed further to make fast Ultralisk, not needed.
Condensed plates that layer into same thickness, stronger armor, evolve strands.”

My armor suddenly devolves upon itself and evolves harder, heavier, stronger. I am now more powerful my queen.


The spark returns to send me to a new location, my new heavier plates are harder and stronger. I shall finish this for my Queen. I charge up the ramps, seeing my weak fellows burned and dead near the Cliffside. I destroy the large crystal structures, I destroy the weak machines. I do not get burned, I do not get cut, I am strong. The Protoss fall to me, my brethren are weak, I am strong. I am here to serve my queen.


My queen recalls me to her ship. A once great and powerful vessel that the Protoss once owned.
I destroyed for my queen and now she wishes to grant me healing. I know I do not need it. But it is my queen’s will.
I enter her chamber and lower myself onto the ground. The cold metal and the gripping creep estrange me, but I do not care. As my queen enters her chamber I close my new eyes and become weak underneath her power.

Niadra, my queen is strong.
Good work.
Awesome work , please make more , make an infestor one .

And talk about how he enjoys breaking minds and twisting flesh :D

also , please talk more about the hive mind and how the main character suffers when his allies die , like his own flesh would die ... and how he sees a spark of light whenever they die , like they would warp into another world :D
For anyone who has read this and cares I am working a new one. look for it by the end of july.
I care. I like your work.
Very good :D

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