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Hey LostMorph, can my detection work on life and yours just on machinery? That way our abilities do not overlap and both are still useful

And Jester, please tell me me "Reaper Sight" will still have good use, because if it's going to become a dead ability slot i would like to replace
Sorry about that, had a bit of some issues.
LostMorph, explain to me a bit more about the ability of your Polarity Bomb. What would you gain by polarizing every metal?
Dead, that is for me to know and you to discover.
I may just scrap that ability ... and it would work on ANYTHING that emits a EM field ... I just realized I could honestly just make my char blind ... he would be able to see everything due to EM radiation so long as he is in the suit ... and maybe a visor when he isn't ... if you have seen Star Trek: The Next Gen ... a buff La Forge ...

EDIT: hmm not quite sure why I put every metal ... I guess its really just any that have innate magnetic properties like iron, steel, aluminum ... any others I'm not thinking of
Take your time Morph. Just figure out an ability that would work for you, and we'll get a-rollin.
Ughh i have a feeling all detection abilities will end up being crap. Oh well, hopefully i can squeeze some use out of it. Dare i say: YOL- *beaten to death*
OOC: Better shoot the viper in the head again. Need to make sure.
^RPer Name^
Name: "Gravitas"
Weapons: Dorasli Puncher Pistol, Horzla Grenade Launcher, Mace
Element/Specialization: Gravity

-Gravitational Pull: Utilizing the ability to manipulate gravity, "Gravitas" pulls opponents in
target area towards him from a long distance.
-Manipulating Gravity: "Gravitas" picks up an object utilizing a gravitational field and can fire it
at high speeds in a certain direction.
-Disabling Pressure: Increasing the gravity in a certain area causes enemies to feel much
more pressure on them, causing both injury and a slowed effect.
-Training of Force (Passive): Use of gravitational powers has caused great stress on the body
of "Gravitas". This has made him more enduring of pain and able to take more hits before
the breaking of his armor or bones.

Physical Appearance: White is the main colour with the trimming being grey.

Backstory: Purged.

"I am going to explain his pistol and "Ardeo's" shotgun."

The Dorasli Puncher Pistol fires a powerful round, almost the strength of the slug, however, it can only hold one at a time, and is fired using magnetic propulsion.

The Ignus Rush Shotgun has an incendiary ammunition that bursts into flame when it makes contact with the target. To avoid setting it off in the barrel it uses magnetic propulsion.
Thread is up, you may all post.
Name: Sara "Stalker" Kator
Weapons: Hidden blades, K-68 'Grim Reaper' semi-auto silenced pistol, Powered Recurve Bow with multi function Arrows
Element/Specialization: Stealth, Assassin
Nanite Armor: Armor capable of changing its properties with input from user. From seeming to not be there to looking like enemy armor. Changes last up to 12 hours before reverting unless reverted early by the user.
Advanced Stealth field: Similar to a normal cloak but is immune to many forms of detection. life signs detectors, most motion detectors, and many inferred sensors.
Master assassin(Passive): Master of small arms and hand to hand combat. Great infiltration and stealth skills. Light or medium armor generally worn. high survivability even against many enemies (yes I know there is a point where even a master assassin will be too outnumbered). Can assassinate an enemy and disappear before anyone knows what happened.
Bio-nanite regeneration: Bio-nanites in body help with regeneration but only for minor injuries.
Physical Appearance: 5'8", long purple hair, Armor: with War Pig like helmet, Assassins symbol on gauntlets and thigh armor, well toned athletic build,
Backstory: Lives by what she calls 'The Creed'. [Data on Creed Corrupted] Calm reliable personality yet known to get angry at cruelty to innocents and civilian casualties. [Further Data Corrupted]
Name: "Nero"
Weapons: metal claws, Devastator Rifle (a rifle with 3 barrels that rotate and fire simotaniously creating a hail of death picture:, dual magnums
Element/Specialization: "Force"
Push - Creates a strong solid energy field that forces objects or people backwards or against something. Feels like getting hit by a brick wall
Pull - creates an anchor on the person or object and pulls it towards Nero
"Die for Me" - force contracts around the enemy, slowly crushing him/her to death or near death
Poltergeist - Opposite of Die for Me the enemy is pulled in multiple directions until they are gruesomely ripped in half
Physical Appearance: Suit is pitch black with the mask being completely blank except for a white X and a single eye hole. If Nero chooses to remove his helmet (rarely) He has black hair and black eyes with normal skin colour. Knives are slung across his back
Backstory: *purged*
You seem to think you don't need a long range weapon.
throwing knives with push and pull = pretty good long range weapon
Easily dodged short range weapon. Jester put long range on there for a reason.
Darkra ... even with 'push/pull' the knives WILL hit the ground WITHIN 50 feet maybe 60 due to gravity. not to mention the torque ... and a curved throwing knife is likely to be as effective as throwing butter knives at people.
when i mean extremely large i mean pretty large but fine i'll go add a gun or 2 :P
the bigger the knife the harder to throw and the shorter the distance it will travel before hitting the ground. again a curved knife is more likely to BOUNCE OFF enemy armor than do any damage.
what if i added warp blade edging?
There is a difference between a long range weapon and a pistol.
what zarkun said and no ... they MIGHT leave a SCRATCH with warp blade edging and no one is psionic in this anyway which means you can't power the warp blade edging.

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