play starcraft 1 on mountain lion?

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does anyone know a way that i can play starcraft 1 on mountain lion?

i bought starcraft 1 before apple took out powerpc support and i used my starcraft 1 key on my laptop

i now play on an imac and i want to know if theres a way i can play starcraft 1 with my key on my mountain lion imac
unfortunately, 10.6 was the last mac os that can play the current version of Starcraft 1, mt lion and lion don't have rosetta so they can't run it. Bootcamp is probably the best way, i guess you could also use wine though I have no experience with that, it'd be awesome it blizzard would update the classics to run on modern systems.
I thought that running the game from the disc wasn't possible, but if you downloaded them from your account then they were playable. Worth a try if you haven't already.
The version on is still PowerPC, so it's a no go on modern macs.
i really hope they will update it some day

i recently beated sc2, it was awesome and i enjoyed reading "the story thus far" thing

i really want to play starcraft 1 campaign
JimBond is correct about modern Macs not able to run this.
Here it is :)

You can enjoy starcraft 1 using starcraft 2 engine.
Units, music, cinematics everything.The only thing missing are the videos but you can watch them on youtube. These guys made an excellent job.

There are a few minor bugs here and there, howerever the project is in active development.
The StarCraft II engine sounds like a great solution. If you don't have SC2 though, you can play StarCraft using wineskin ( The game experience is not 100%, but its better than nothing.

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