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Hi all and thanks for reading,
I'm a gold 4v4 terran (Bronze 1v1 but I don't play it to much). I've played a fair amount and feel that next season I will go for being placed in platinum. I've recently won 11/14 of my last games and to prepare for the jump i'm trying to make next season do you guys have any advice for mid game strategies in higher leagues? I usually start with a rine rush, and then go rines and Vikings with a few tanks and spidermines here and there. I've already read the macro/micro guides on the forums so I don't need a link to those. Thanks!
almost all advice on this forum is based around 1v1. In 4v4 your strategies depend upon what your teammates are doing, and thus all balance discussion on this forum is moot, as it is completely different.
Oh, ok thanks.

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