......no games

Are there any ppl playing SEA anymore. I waited 20 mins for a game, then gave up. Is sea that bad that no1 want to play it anymore.
I haven't had any issues getting games on SEA. The longest I've needed to wait for a ladder match is about a minute.

Custom/Arcade games are another matter, but I don't use SEA to play those.
you're talking about....heart of swarm... right? :P
And when you do get on, you end up playing people so out side your league, you play one game....I am very disheartened......
I've ditched SEA. Since I have moved to Europe now anyway I get better connection elsewhere. But my friend back in NZ tells me the American server still has better connection, hence we play there now. It sucks, because I'm only about 100 wins away from my Leviathan portrait which I worked so long for...

And about having to wait, one of the main reasons for leaving, was on several occasions, waiting an hour or more just to play an unranked 3v3.
Just play on the US West. Easy to find games there.

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