I don't understand RP threads...

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Can someone explain them to me? I know they are popular but that's about it. Is everyone just taking turns writing an improv story or what?
Sort of, yeah. There are usually limits set by the GM (game master) or the other players to keep people from god-moding. The story can be anything from an open world to liner and mostly scripted.

That help?
Roleplays are best described by the idea of everyone partaking in them is an Author making a story with everyone else.

Now, as with Authors each Roleplayer, RP-er, has their own writing style and ideas, which gives RP threads a sense of suspense and an interesting factor inside the idea of everyone has their own agendas within them, and such.

Each RP-er takes control of a fictional character within a setting set up by the GM or thread maker, and is usually given some form of goal to try and accomplish. The more vague ideas are generally the ones that provide more entertainment for the RP-ers, because then there are various sub-plots that can occur.
Okay thanks guys! But yes i have seen stuff on RP pages where you make your character and then they will be given their missions, but are the missions entirely in thread, fictional story telling? Like their character's goals in the story?
Most characters are improvised between threads, though some (like most of mine) are characters who have stories spanning multiple threads.
Okay think i got it. Thanks SlenderBurrito! And you too Warhawk haha

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