Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIII

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"Sorry, Shade, but I don't trust a private conversation." My arm liquefies as I pull it out of Shade's grip, the psi blade powering down. "You learn a few things when you work in my field, and one of those is that you can't trust a private conversation because it becomes a 'my word against yours' ordeal."
My breathing becomes slightly labored, and I take a gasp as I wake up, alarmed and scared. I glance around the room, not comprehending everything around me.

I walk into the Gym, and start moving some gear around, trying to get to the weights.

{Cayl, this is Boris. One of the medics says that Kelly is awake.} Boris radios.
{Roger that, I'll head there now.} Standing up from my desk, I walk through the training room, petting a Zergling on my way through. In the months I'd been here, I'd learn to appreciate the Zerg here, even if I still didn't trust them. Walking into the hall, I signal the two guards to follow me. This was one of my extra precautions in case we missed a cell.
"Then I guess we aren't going to continue this talk. Now are we?" Shade said in a bitter tone. Bringing a slight annoyance behind her tongue. "Too many eyes and ears like I said... I don't know what to do anymore. Frankly... I'm half-tempted to just pass down the Academy down to Cayl truth be told." There was a heavy sigh.

My hand was going to reach her's but then Shade swat my hand away. "Just leave... the two of you. If Zaros finds out... it's going to get ugly."
I attempt to get up, but one of the people there attempts to stop me. I still give a panicked, blanked look, still not understanding what is going on. The person says something to me, but I don't understand it, lost on a single thought: Part of me was gone, and the void left behind hurt me.
IC: "actually do you have an ice pop i'm suddenly craving ice pops, plus i just woke up from a nap and as much as the bed sounds tempting not in the mood today, besides you'll need me in another 36 hours will you not" i say
"Zaros has every right to know, Shade." My eyes grew cold and angry, disgust visible by what she'd just done. "I didn't know. Had I, there would have been more hesitation, but I didn't, so like it or not, she's no longer genetically tied to you." My voice gains a harsh edge as I turn away, pulling Cynthia close. "She still loves you, Shade, genetics aside. Maybe you weren't as good a mother as you thought." I stop at the door, turning to face Shade and locking eyes with her, the disgust there in my own. "You want to talk, we meet near my Wraith so that I can record every word said and every action done. Otherwise, don't waste my time."
"Of course he does... But I would rather want him to know when he isn't in the Academy... He'll let it come out and it's going to tear this place apart and you know it." She could feel the coldness and the anger in his eyes. That disgusted look. His voice harsh... "Zack... Maybe you are right... You'll probably be a better parent than I ever was...." Shade's face was now on the table. Taking it all in. The lightest sound of tears...

As Zack was pulling me away and out the door I took one last look and frowned with some sorrow and worry. "She's... not taking it well I think. She still cares I think. She just doesn't know what to do I believe.
"I don't blame her, Cynthia, but you aren't handling it much better." I hold up a hand, stopping her protest, and continue. "You can put on a brave face all you want, but we share a link that betrays your emotions at times like this. Not to mention," I chuckle a bit before continuing, "you wear your heart on your sleeve." I glance back at the cafeteria doors. For everyone's sake, I hope they came, otherwise things will just get too tense.
"Yeah I think I do have some ice pops ... and I do ... but no harm in starting a little early." I say with a wolfish grin as I go get some ice pops. A moment or two later I sit back down handing one to Dante.
"What do you mean it's betraying my emotions? I was handling myself just fine..." I said with a snort. "And whatever about the heart on my sleeve... whatever that means." I say again as I look back at the doors as well... noting what Zack might have been doing. "Don't ask me you did all of that so you could get everyone to see the scene... What was that going to accomplish?"
IC: i bite down on the ice pop. "you know, i've never had one of these since i got dragged to project shadowblade. Oh ya, you also said something about 'i'd never thought i'd fall in love with a terran'. does that mean you guys are like pure race type?"
"Actually, no one payed any mind. Far as they could tell, we had a disagreement with her."I shake my head as we walk, thinking back to all the ways it could have played out. "I...just hope they come. Zaros won't take the news well, but he'll take it better from us than from Shade. That way the messenger doesn't get shot and, knowing Zaros, possibly killed."
"You're talking about Zaros and Bianca? That they'll come over to your Wraith so we can discuss about it there?" I ask gently, trying not to betray my emotions this time. Wondering with all my heart that things could have been worse. That's when the realization came over me. "I should leave with you..."
"Not until this mess with the Twins is cleaned up." I stop, remembering the ugly scar on her stomach. They'd cut her open for her child. They were almost as bad as the Cult, maybe even worse. "And there's still your child to avenge."
IC: Sam woke up a few moments after falling asleep. He got up making sure not to disturb. Sam quickly changed into his full armor before leaving Tari's ship and heading to his banshee. After a few checks he headed to dominion space and would be gone for roughly two hours.
"No ... most of the races where I'm from are similar to my own. I just ... I've never seen a race like yours and no offence but ... my first impression of male Terrans was that most of them were ugly."
Watching the conversation unfold between Zack and Shade, I arch an eyebrow;
"That was certainly interesting... Any idea as to what might be going on?..."
I ask Terance.
IC: "well i ain't ugly am i?" i say before kissing her on the cheek.
I shrug, taking a bite of my taco and chewing thoughtfully. "No idea. Not that I particularly want to know. Times like this, better off not knowing."

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