Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIII

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"Now that I'm thinking about it... I might do a lot more than just kill them... maybe something worse. At this time... They might want to be dead after I'm done with them." I said while devising an evil plan to make them suffer. Allowing them to scream in misery after bullet and bullet racked their corpse. Their own machines and men will kill them... "Should I use Protoss DNA or Zerg DNA? And if anything... should we wait until after the child is born?"
"..The way Zack held Cynthia.. I wonder... Ah, best not to look to deep into that one."
I say, shaking my head, mentally dismissing the topic as a I continue eating.
"No your not a bit thick headed at times but handsome." I return the kiss but as a full kiss.
IC: i pull her closer to me, enjoying the moment. I pull back a few minutes later, "who you calling thick headed?" i joke
"No, I don't think we should. That child has been twisted against it's will into something it isn't. Killing it will do it a favor." I think back to the day Hunter had been killed. All the names, words and accusations...Hunter had only been a young boy. He'd done nothing to deserve it other than be different., no, no doubt. That child wasn't Cynthia's anymore. "If you need, I can do it."

Stopping at the door to the medbay, I signal the guards to wait outside and walk in, heading for Kelly's room. Nodding to the guard outside, I open the door and step in, sitting down near Kelly. "How you feeling, Kelly?"
I hear someone else talking to me, and turn toward him, the blank look of confusion, suffering and sadness. I didn't realize it was Cayl, my mind still gone. After a moment, I speak, saying "What happened?"
The defiler continued to slither along the halls, eventually coming to a stop in the eco-systems.
Shir began to listen in to the conversation, drinking his water regularly.
I sigh heavily. She was in for the single largest psychological shock I could give her. "We...had to cure you of your infestation."
"You." I joke back. I lay out on the couch leaning my head on his shoulder. "Ya know ... I might move in the dorm with you." I say back to being serious.
I look at him again, not understanding what he said at first. After a few moments, the words register in my mind, and I fall to my knees, crying.
My happy looking expression turned into a soured... depressed one And I sank into a sort of depression my self. "Not only did I lose my family in a sense... Not only am I never going to be able to settle down... Now I'll have to get rid of something that had been a part of me." Now I knew what was going to do... One thing that will make them suffer the most. "I'm going to turn them into Hybrids... their machines will turn on them and they'll scream bloody murder." My voice was turning cold as a fine mist seeped from my mouth. Cold air. My fingers clutching hard against each other as in turn they cut into my palm.
I knew crytokinesis when I saw it and I heated myself up in response, a slight glow in my eyes like an ember burning brightly. "How you make them pay is your choice, but...promise me you'll move past it all when it's over. I know it'll be hard, but if you don't, you'll be miserable the rest of your life." I stop walking and turn towards Cynthia, having her face me. My eyes were full of sadness as I locked mine to hers, but also hope that she'd listen.

My eyes were full of sadness as Kelly cried. I hadn't wanted to, but it had been necessary. "You tried to kill people, Kelly. Succeeded in killing several guards."
I don't hear him as I continue to cry. Frost was beginning to appear on certain surfaces, a sign of active psionic activity, coming from me.
The blood froze to the ground as it dripped from my palm and fingers. My gaze warming up as I look into Zack's. Giving a nod. "Yeah... It's just that... I'll have nothing left really after it's done. I'll be killing my own child in a way... My family isn't my family anymore... I'll never be able to settle down with someone like you. In it's own little way... It's conflicting." The voice was no longer cold as I settled down. Learning quickly that apparently anger and stress helped to bring out the hate. While staying calm and relaxed allowed me to settle for a bit.
IC: "Mkay, but i warn you i haven't cleaned up in a LONG time." i say before taking the package Sam gave me "Sam told me to open this when i got in wonder what it is" i add before opening the package
IC: In the package is two wine glasses a bottle of Dom Perignon Rose champagne and a box of "protection for Dante" and few redbulls
IC: I bang my head against the table "One i don't drink. and 2 are you sh!ting me."
I can't help but laugh at the contents of the package. "Its sweet of him though."
Impatience grew and the machine deployed something, it was about a sixth of the size of the controlling device, and it did not have the concealing technology, and it did have mind control, but more like that of one with schizophrenia, whispering things and trying to convince the person infected to do things. It scuttled away, and Jessica would be able to sense it.

Zaros enters the cafeteria, missing Cynthia and Zack by only a few minutes, and he saw Shade, and immediately knew something was troubling her. Before he even grabbed something to tear to shreds within his mouth, he went to her and spoke to her. "What has transpired, Shade?"

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