Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIII

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Caprindo, the conversation was hushed. So he wouldn't have heard much at all other than the fact that they were arguing.

IC: Shade looked up calmly while wiping off tears. Trying to recover herself from what Zack said and it was true... she wasn't fit to help or to be a good parent... "Zaros... Cynthia is no longer our daughter. When they used the Changeling process on her... she's now the daughter of Zack... and Laura."
The glowing teal of Zaros' eyes blazed, with a little fleck of crimson. "Why did they turn her? And how the hell is she their daughter from it?" His fingers contracted, the fist created was tight.
The glow burned through Shade's spirit. Her own hand clutching tightly but not in an angered manner. His anger was apparent as she knew it would get ugly soon. "They turned her as soon as they got back... I was in disbelief but she isn't the same Cynthia when she came back... Zack told me that when it did that. The entire genetic code was replaced and the genetic code was Zack's and Laura's... meaning... They're her parents now."
IC: i hand the wine to Serenity "you can have the wine" i say before cracking open a bottle of red bull.
"That doesn't explain why they did it. Shade, why did they do this?" He was keeping his voice level, for both Shade's sake and the students.
"I don't know, Zaros... Zack said that Cynthia asked for it. Something about the Keeper as well giving her one last chance to live and if she dies again... she'll never come back. I truly have no idea what they are talking about." Shade says calmly while standing up. "He said to meet him at his Wraith so he can record the whole thing... If you want to go and talk to him about it. You may."
IC: Sam lands his banshee back in the hanger when he returned. He grabbed two boxs and headed back to Tari's ship not knowing if she was asleep or not
"You may want to save those for later. Trust me ... your going to want them."

I shift restlessly in my sleep sweating and mumbling incoherently.
OOC: Sorry.
IC: "meh, we Spectres don't sleep well anyways. Too many damn nightmares" i say taking another sip "but i'm going to kill that boy the next time i see him" i add pointing at the box
IC: Sam sneaks back in and changed back into his clothes before setting a little black box next to Tari's head. He then slips back into bed and holds her gently trying not to wake her.
I shake Kelly's shoulder gently, trying to get her attention. "Kelly, do you hear me? If we hadn't, you would have killed everyone you could."

"You'll find someone to settle down with. Hell, it your choice if you make them one of us or not, just...let me know first. This could be more problematic than we both originally thought with this...revelation." I sigh, shaking my head in annoyance, thinking on how Zaros will react. "Well, we should prepare for Zaros. Gaia knows he's gone to Shade first."
I still don't hear him, still crying. More ice was forming, and one of the nearby tools, a needle, was shaking.
Choices... that's all I need. "No... I wouldn't want to force that upon someone nor would they want eternal life... Do you know the one thing that hurts worse than actual pain? Being alone forever... I know I'll have a family but it's not the same." I was ignoring Zack's last comment by accident... I was stuck in my own little phase and was distracted. Wondering if there would be someone out there... Someone who can live as long yet doesn't want what I have.
"I don't think you understand ... my peak lasts for 12 hours and we are likely to be in bed for about 10 of those. You really are going to want those later." I was being dead serious and my voice and facial expression reflected that.

I practically latch onto Sam as I mumble his name sadly and a tear rolls down the side of my face.
I nod in agreement, remembering why I'd made the change. "If it's any condolence, no one is ever truly dead, so long as you keep them in your heart."

Sighing, I raise my helmet as a just in case measure, not wanting my brain speared on a needle. I raise my voice a little more, still trying to get her attention. "Kelly, it had to be done."
IC: "wait i have to please you for 10 hours? This isn't going to be easy" i say before placing the red bull in her fridge
I continue to sob, but manage to ask "Why?" The ice starts to fade away.
"I'm able to jump on for a bit."

"Die again?" The glow in Zaros' eyes die off completely, his hand releases, and he slumps down. "The dead shouldn't come back. No matter how undeserved their death is, how untimely, or how much you want them alive..." His face shows sadness, he wasn't prepared for this. "Cynthia was brought back, and now she isn't going to be anything she once was. And she isn't even genetically tied to use anymore..." He looks at Shade, "What of Korzis?"
"For death is just the beginning to an end..." I say, reciting something from a book that I read. Thinking about what Zack was telling me. "I know I'll have them in my heart. But how will you react if you went through countless lovers because they all died because you'll never die? For I know that I may be overreacting... But if I'm going to live for eternity... I want to be with someone for eternity. No matter who they are as long as they live..."


Shade realized with shock that Zaros wasn't angry... he was saddened by this fate. Their girl... Wasn't the same and she'll never be the same. "Zaros... the dead should stay put. No matter what happened to them. It's almost as if we defiled her by bringing her back. And she isn't a part of us anymore... Korzis is under Jessica's care while she finds the device that is controlling him. But... what do we do?" She asks with a worried voice.

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