Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIII

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IC: Sam gently shook Tari to wake her up. "Tari you alright?"
OOC: Ceas is still with Kelly in the medbay.

IC: "Kelly, had we not done this you would have likely destroyed the Academy, and in the process, yourself."
"Well ... its likely to be more around 8 and a half or 9 hours of sex ... I haven't met anyone who can keep going for 10 hours straight without falling unconscious. And my by the time I hit my peak you will be feeling the effects of my pheromones so you should be able to keep up." I was still serious even though I was staring at his crotch starting to lose control.
I chuckle, thinking back on the words an old wizard said in an old movie. "Death is not the end, just the beginning of a new adventure." I shake my head, remembering saying this to a group of Dominion soldiers before leading them against a rogue brood. They all died with hope in their eyes. "You'll be lucky to find someone. Our curse is unique."

"You killed a bunch of the guards and tried to kill your fellow students."
IC: i wave my hand over her face "eyes forward please" i say
A slight amount of anger contorts with the sadness, but it was still primarily sadness. "Those twins are going to pay for their crimes. They murdered our daughter and have apparently taken control of our son. Zack, as little as I know about him, I know he should have known better than to revive the living..." Zaros sighs and Pierre places a dish of steak in front him before returning to his duties.
"Death is not the end... but it can be the breaking point of your sanity as well... Many theories with how this might end up. And I'm not saying this curse isn't unique... And thank you for reassuring me that I'll be lucky enough to find someone. If I'm lucky enough at all." I said with a snort behind a tone of softness.


The pain was coming back to Shade as he head came back resting against the table. Almost to the point of breaking apart again. "We have to do something. And here's the thing. They'll pay. Our son can still be helped, but our daughter..." The mechanical hand came crashed down against the table as it bent inward.
I mumble something before falling to the ground, unconscious yet again.
"What can we do? Blow apart their capital's government compound? We don't have that kind of firepower. Send Korzis or I in with the 'Demon' possessing us? It will kill far too many people." Zaros says, cutting a large piece of the steak off and tearing it apart. His head hangs as he does this.
"So what you are trying to say is... We are in no position to do anything? I remember the good ol' days when he still had a chance... Now we don't even have any hope for ourselves." Shade said quietly.
I stop mumbling as I open my eyes for a moment. I barely register what he had asked before I start sobbing. "Sam ... I don't ..."

I look up and pout. "You really need to learn when not to deny a woman." I say before I kiss him passionately and while he is distracted with the kiss I quickly remove his pants and underwear with my claws followed shortly by my own. I then straddle him before stopping for a moment.
IC: Sam quickly holds Tari close. "What wrong?"
"I don't ... want to ... live like ... that." I wasn't making much sense and I didn't quite realize I was talking about the dream I was just having.
"We'll see." Approaching the doorway to the hangar, I stop and look back towards the cafeteria, regret slipping into my mind. So much for fixing things...

I pick Kelly up and lay her down, calling in the medic and telling him to let me know when she woke up again. After that, I return to my office and wait.
IC: "our we can do this now" i say grabbing her thighs and flipping her over so i was on top. "i'm coming in".................

IC: "Tari it was a nightmare you're ok now" Sam says trying to calm her down

OOC: The box of protection was there for a reason....
"Right now we don't have one... We need to weaken them. Greatly. But they only have a few worlds so their forces are centralized. We need to find a way to draw them out. Present them with some of the old Commune stuff?" Zaros says, still not recovering from the blow.
OOC: just assume i used it, didn't feel like going into detail 'bout that :P
"Yes... old Commune stuff. But not exactly that... stuff that belonged to their father." Shade said while devising a plan. "What do we know about their father and what he did research on and etc.?"


That's when some hope returned to my face. "Zack... Do you know anyone? For me that is." I was just wanting to know since he might know for he knows more about this stuff. "I am just curious that you might be able to help me out here... You know more about this..."
I shake my head no as I open the door to the hangar, glancing around before stepping in and heading for my Wraith. "No, not as of now. I'm sure we can find someone though."

I sigh as I finish eating and look at Alicia, waiting til she was done chewing. "You know, we never did get to spar."

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