Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIII

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I nod my head in acknowledgement since he's going to help me anyway. I was happy about that. "Is it okay if I come with you? I don't want to be by myself right now and so far it's become... crazy. I mean... I'll just be in your wraith with you until things settle down between Bianca and Zaros... Despite that being her first name... no one ever calls her that."
OOC: War ... add another black screen to the count.

"I ... I know but ... it was pretty accurate." I say calming down but still holding Sam tightly.
"I'm not going anywhere, just running some maintenance." I chuckle as I walk, looking over my custom ship. I'd put a lot of work into her, and I was proud of it. "Still, you can stick around if you want."
IC: "what was the dream about?" Sam asks still trying to calm her down
"Yeah. That's what I might do... Might do maintenance on my own shape as well. After all... it beats being involved with them if they begin to... get rowdy. It might turn ugly and I might want to be with someone right now that doesn't care with what they did... It was an accident."
I nod as I kneel down and get out my tools from a hidden tool box, hooking up the diagnostics computer and starting it up, watching the scan's progress.
"Us ... our life ... later after all this craziness. You got old ... and senile but I was still the same ... I was pregnant with another of our children when you died. I lived for another two hundred and fifty years after that ..." I start sobbing again. "I don't ... want that!"
OOC: OMG, ShadowFury, look at your PRP thread. I made a Nest and the new(er) guy made a Phantom.
IC: "Shh its alright now Tari" Sam says before he kisses her. He then rocks her in his arms a little bit. "I'm here right now just forget about that future and focus on the now"
I sigh as I finish eating and look at Alicia, waiting til she was done chewing. "You know, we never did get to spar."

I nod;
"Yeah.. You want hit the sim?"
I ask.

Son-of-a... That makes ten bloody black screens...
I fight the kiss for a moment before I give in. I had stopped sobbing but tears continued to flow for several minutes. "Sam ... I don't want to live like that but ... I don't want to give up what my father gave me or seem like I'm forcing you into becoming a hybrid." I had readjusted myself so my head was on his chest and I was being very sincere in what I was saying. I still hadn't noticed the small box.

OOC: kekeke there are going to be quiet a few more from Dante and Serenity in about 36 or so RP hours :D
IC: Sam started to stroke Tari hair gently. "I don't think there is a way for me to become a hybrid and if I become senile then you better smack me back into shape. Also I take pride in the fact you think that when I'm that old I can still get it up." He jokes at the last part.
OOC: I just want to speak for my character here, it sure is a waste of pants
Shir got up from his seat, dumped what remained of his bread into the trash, and walked down to Sim room 3, setting up a simulation of Aiur's fall. He hadn't closed the door, thinking on the exact details intensely.
After crawling up a tree, the defiler slivered down into the stairwell.
"Yoshi, currently I am deciding on the recent one."

"I am not the one to consult in that area. I never really payed attention to who they were and what they did. All I know is that they were purists and did awful things." Zaros answers. not even bothering to finish off the one steak.
Shade was shaking her head. "We should go find Zack and Cynthia now... Talk about all of this."

I watch Zack work on his wraith. Taking into every inch of account of what he was doing so I could better work on my own vehicles.
Zaros nods and stands up, his hands hanging loosely, and his eyes starting to regain the glow. He was starting to come to terms with the loss. He pulled his Katana from its sheath and his rifle off from his shoulder. He placed the two weapons across the chair he had sat upon. "To lessen any damage I may end up trying to inflict." He explained.
Shade's eyes were wide at first when Zaros picked up his weapons. Before seeing him lay them down. "I was actually worried there for a second. Thinking you were going to hurt them... Anyway. Let's go." Shade says as she heads for the door that leads out of the cafeteria.
darkra ... yeah ... oh well ... Aurora can always make some for Dante though :P

I lightly pound Sam's chest once not really in a good mood even if I was calm. "Sam ... I think there is but ... I don't know."
Zaros follows behind Shade, his mind slightly wandering, as he approached the hangar he immediately recoiled and pulled his mind back. I did not need to know that...

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