Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIII

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IC: "Ouch that hurt... Ok I didn't really want to mention this but I know that the Dominion was working on bio-steel but a breakthough happen. They found away to keep Human cells regenrating... They believe that it would cuase a person to live a lot longer maybe even for a few hundred years. I know a few people who under went the treatment nine out of ten died. There is a chance a small chance that I could under go the treatment. I could die however." Sam says in a serous tone.

OOC: Btw there is only 6 red bulls... well now 5 since you drank one Darkra
Shade turned around to see Zaros recoil just in time. "What just happened?"
"Sexual activity between some students..." Zaros says. "I just pray to god that they don't get pregnant. We don't need another incident like the last time."
5 and a half red bulls.

I shake my head. "No please no ... I'd rather take that serum they used on Cynthia."
IC: "We can talk about this later Tari." Sam says while thinking about the treatment and the serum they used on Cynthia
Shade gave a weak laugh. "That was all by accident though... We were affected by a potion that mind you was meant for someone else... But anyway... Yeah..." Shade says. Kinda nervous with this sort of talk but it was mostly just awkward.
oh and darkra ... not sure if you missed the best part of my last serenity post or not ... am very unlikely to post it again though ...

"OK ..." I say as I try to go back to sleep. I still hadn't noticed it when a shift sent it tumbling to the floor. I turn to look at the side of the bed it had fallen off of. "What was that?"
IC: Sam faceplams himself as he looks over.. "I was hopping for a more romantic timing." He whispers
OOC: yes morph i did, and then you edited it XD. But i'm off, Gnight
Zaros nods and continues, trying to avoid pursuing it further. He starts wondering. What would it be like if she had not taken that potion? What would it be like if I didn't go to the original academy? His shakes his head to clear his thoughts and focuses on the task at hand.

Zerak Kel watches Zack and Cynthia from his perch upon Soul Chaser. Confusion consumes him with what was going on. He heard only bits and pieces, but he had gotten one thing. Cynthia was immortal and thought herself to be forever lonely. Zerak Kel thinks on this for a second, but quickly dismisses it. He had no need for others. He was strong, and he was one to himself. He would only need others for guidance. Not comfort. All he needed for comfort were rogue Zerg Hives, as he did not want to offend the swarm, after all, the Protoss were at peace with them, currently.
"What do you mean?" I was confused as I move to the other side of the bed to locate the offending object. As I look over the edge I stop. Ever so slowly, almost expecting to be dreaming, I reach down to pick up the box.
IC: Sam was behind Tari and pulls out another black box makign sure Tari didn't see it. "Open it Tari" He whispers into her ear.
"Sam what ...?" I stop as I open the box.
Ok, so... Yoshi was a failure roleplay-wise, so I'm taking my guy from Flight of the Eagle into here soon.
IC: The box she opened didn't have anything but a holo telling her to look behind her. Sam was already kneeling when she Turned around. He was holding another box this time with a Ring in it. "Tarioshi Onaka will you marry me?" Sam says
yoshi ... you just haven't done anything ... there are a lot of sub plots going on ... some of them are just a little harder to get in on ... such as the three romances currently happening.

I just stare at the ring for a moment before looking at Sam and back to the ring. "Sam ..." I tried to continue but I just couldn't seem to get any words out. I was crying again but not because I sad. "Yes ..." I finally manage to get out.
IC: Sam jumps up from his kneeling postion and hugs Tari tightly and closly before kissing her quickly. "I don't know what I would have done if you said no." He says almost soundling like he was about to cry.
"You would have tried again later." I hug Sam back and drag him down. I wasn't trying to do more than snuggle right now. I was still crying happily. I finally felt everyone that are out in the hangar but don't really care about them right now.
IC: Sam started to snuggle with Tari while trying to put the ring on her finger. "Maybe but my ego would be gone" He joked
I place my hand so Sam can put the ring on my finger. "Maybe." I say resting my head on his chest again and begin to drift to sleep again.

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