Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXV

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I nod. "I know but it just doesn't really feel the same to me." I let go of Sam and stand next to him.
IC: Sam wraps a arm around Tari waist as she stands next to him. He could understand Tari's pain but wouldn't be able to feel it. "Hunter does have a good point" He says softly
Hunter nods in understanding, then sighs, looking at a watch on his wrist. "I'd like to talk more, but we need to start work on the new compound and hangar and so I need to get going."
I nod and head back to ShadowWalker to continue with whatever needed done.
IC: Sam walks back with Tari and whispers into her ear. "You smell really good today Tari."
I arch my eyebrow at Sam. "How so?"
Walking into the main building of the Academy, he heads out through the eco system, enjoying the life around him.

I watch him go and chuckle, walking to the cafeteria.
IC: "You just smell really nice today. I can't place it really." Sam responds. "Oh before I forget I found one micro fracture in the hull want me to fix it hun?"
"Sure." I climb up to the arm assembly and start doing maintenance on it.
IC: Sam sighs as he heads back under the ship to repair the hull. {{ So Tari let me ask something else where do you want the honeymoon to be}}
I look between the two of them;
"Need any help? I a half-decent mechanic."
"Sure Alicia. Would you check the diagnostics read out please?" I was kind of glad for the help. Although I liked to maintain my ship on my own I wanted a bit of help with it due to time constraints. {{I don't have any idea where to go.}}
IC: "Almost done under here" Sam yells out from under the ship. {{I know a few planets with nice resorts on them. Maybe a few remote areas also}} <-- To Tari
"No problem.."
I say, taking a look;
"Alright, am I looking for anything in specific?"
{{OK well we can make the final decision later when we aren't dealing with the tourney.}} "No just read the list out loud please."

Diagnostics Complete:
Engines: 95%
Transformation: 70%
Missile batteries: 83%
Laser gattlings: 91%
Leg assembly: 99%
Spatial Manipulator: 24%
Flight controls: 69%
Ion Cannons: 47%
Shield relays: 88%
"Can do..."
(I rattle the list off)
"Looks like the spatial manipulator and the ion cannons need the most work."
I sigh. The manipulator was beyond what I usually deemed repairable but I didn't have a replacement. "Yeah I'll probably just replace the Manipulator though I've had that same one for around five years now, its time for a new one. Focus on the Ion cannons for now I think I'll talk with Jessica a little bit later to see if she has a spare manipulator."
"Got it."
I say, moving down to the guns and opening up the paneling. I wince at the sight;
"Got some pretty nasty corrosion here.. This is going to take a bit of cleaning..."
I lean over the edge and take a look myself. I cringe and flip back up. "Damn. Thought I got most of that last time. Though I guess that last time I worked on the guns was around five months ago." I say as I move towards the main part of my ship and open a panel to start working on the shield relays.
I take Terances hand and he helps me out. "Yeah good match." I wasn't angry he won at all it was a good fight and that was all that mattered. "Maybe we should spare again later."
{Round two contestants please report to the simulation room.}

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