Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXV

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I shrug as I walk towards the door, letting her out first. "Sounds like a plan. Catch ya later." I head towards the hangar, already opening a channel to Alicia. {{Alicia, I won!}}
Grabbing the cleaning kit, I pull out the first lens and start scraping the blacked gunk off the edges;
"Damn... if this were much worse, I'd say you'd need a new set of lenses..."
{{Congrats, I told you you could do it!}}
I reply happily.
I sigh and grab a rag to wipe off the grease and oil that had gotten on my hands. "Well I'll see you all later. If you come to watch please clean up." I say casting the rag to the floor and heading for the sim room.
"Yeah see ya." I head for Dante's room planning on crashing there for a bit.
I chuckle merrily, stopping by the cafeteria for some food, namely a chicken ranchero and mexi fries, then continue towards the hangar, humming to myself. {{Where ya at? I'm on my way to the hangar.}}
{{That's where I'm at. Helping Tari work on her ship a bit.}}
I say, finishing the lens and moving onto the next one, not quite as bad;
"Good luck!"
I call after Tari.
"Thanks!" I wave over my shoulder. I nod to Terance as I pass.
{{Be there soon.}} I pass Tari and nod to her, in the middle of chewing. "Good luck!" I say, food messing it up. I swallow and call out, "Kick that cyborg's mechanical @ss!"
Giving her a mock salute, I turn back around and walk into the hangar, heading to Tari's vehicles. "Can't believe I pulled that off."

Dani can't help but grin. "Great!" Her eyes narrow. "Who's YOUR floor's inspector?

Flint =
I pause for a minute thinking rather hard. "I don't really remember. I haven't been to my room in almost two years. For all I know it could be Umbra...."
I had snuck off from the others and I went by an old connection that was no longer there... Trying to feel where Korzis could be... "W... ed....o...ct" The whispers were louder as I took off in a sprint. Dodging and weaving past students, guards, or anything else including zerg.

Appearing in the simulation room as I took a look around... there he was. "Korzis?" To no avail... he was in the simulation. So I walked over and sat down next to him. To the knowledge of anyone else in there, I had passed right through without them noticing. I plug myself in.
The simulation was that of a Dominion lab under the possession of pirates, who had taken over the experiments there, primarily small hybrids. I was ramming my sword through a pirate's gut, corpses were littered around me of the other pirates, a few missing heads with their artery spitting out the blood that still remained within their body, or lying on the ground without their legs, the blood flowing out of them, yet they were still alive, and trying to crawl away. I pull my blade out of the pirate's gut and slash down upon the head of the one who was still alive, my blade going halfway through the skull. As I pull the bloodstained longsword out I see Cynthia, surprised I fall backwards. "Cynthia? But, you died! I saw you die!"
The blood flying in the air as I felt a thirst and hunger for it. Forgetting the taste and feeling from the dead I killed. Strength overflowing from them. They were false entities but they felt and seemed real. The sounds of screaming battle raged through my mind.

Until Korzis called out my name. I looked different in his eyes. Of course... Slight changes. Paler... Darker hair, almost black... Ice blue eyes. An almost by instinct because of the battle... More changes were underway, these ones temporary compared to the permanent ones. Like a tail, claws, other things.

I stride myself towards Korzis. Arms outstretched. "I'm back... Zack brought me back so I could kill them. I wanted this. Yet at the same time... Unspeakable consequences occurred."
IC: i had gotten out of the medbay and put on some of the spare medical robes since my armor was clogged full of sand. I headed to my room to get a spare change of clothes, coughing and wheezing on the way there before finally opening the door. I find Serenity crashing there "hey" i groan as i cough some more.
I blink to the sim room to save some time. "Hello Flint."

I smile at Dante for a moment before it turns to concern. "What happened?"
I latched onto my sister with hug, but quickly push away as well. "What kind of consequences?" I asked her, completely unaware of her not being my sister.
IC: "i got caught in a really bad sandstorm. Almost got turned into part of the food chain, and breathed in a whole lotta sand" i say my voice steadying a bit
The hug was quick... Not even feeling like a hug as Korzis suddenly pushed away from me. Some sadness littering my eyes. 'When Zack did it... He didn't know it would rewrite my DNA the way it did... They aren't my parents anymore. And you aren't my brother... He didn't know it would do that. I'm one of them now. And not only that... I'll live forever."
I was speechless. What? I'm not her brother anymore? "No, no, no. This can't be happening." I fell to my knees as I muttered this, my sword clattering against the floor of the facility.
"Ah. I talked with Cayl about us sharing this room and he said it was OK and he's working it out with Shade."

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