Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXV

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Giving her a mock salute, I turn back around and walk into the hangar, heading to Tari's vehicles. "Can't believe I pulled that off."

Scraping another lens clean I look over as Terance approaches;
"Well done!.. I think Tari or Destron is next on your list, depending on who wins the fight of course."
I say as he comes over.
"I'm personally hoping it's Tari. Be a much more interesting fight than with old metal mouth."
"Agreed. Somebody needs to knock that nosy cyborg down a notch or two."
I say firmly as I move onto the next gun.
"Just wish the teachers would let me get him in the sparring ring. Not like I want to behead him or anything."
"That's a nice pile of Bullsh!t and we both know it."
I say with a chuckle as I continue cleaning.
IC: Started to Help clean up the rest of the area. "If Tari loses to Destron then Terrance you got to beat him to death in that sim." Sam says behind his mask. "Alicia if you want I can finish cleaning up here"
"It's fine Sam, I'm almost done cleaning out the guns anyway."
I stir in my sleep and lick Dante's cheek.

New Char:

Name: Jake Matsu
Age: 22
Unit Mix: Ghost, Changeling, Dark Templar
Appearance: short messy black hair, 5'11", slight build, shining amber eyes, generally wears slightly loose clothes, Armor:
Abilities: Ion Shield, Electrokinesis
Used Weapons: Short sword, Bow and arrows, battleaxe, dual Colt .45 revolvers
Backstory: Born to a rogue female ghost and a Protoss. When he was old enough his psionic appendages were removed and his mother returned with him to Terran space. They remained anonymous for a couple of years before they were found by the dominion. His mother was killed for having gone rogue and Jake was put through the Ghost program. He graduated at the bottom of his class with a record for being unruly and mind wipes were ineffective. Deemed not worth putting into service he was instead sent to a research facility for experimentation. The scientists spent most of their time trying to figure out why the mind wipes didn't stick but were also using him to test a hybridization process with Changeling DNA. The process worked turning Jake into a half Terran, quarter Zerg and quarter Protoss. However, shortly afterward Jake broke out and destroyed the facility along with everyone and everything in it.
Vehicles: Vulture/Diamondback and Wraith/Valkyrie/Corsair
@Morph, Yay.
IC: I wince a tiny bit and wake up. "did you just lick me?" i ask
I reply with another lick, still very much asleep.
IC: i slowly get out of bed, kissing Serenity on the cheek before going to get some more water
I squirm for a moment trying to find Dante before I slowly open my eyes. "Dante is something wrong?"
IC: "Just the sand still coursing through my lungs" i say before gulping down another glass of water. "scariest sh!t i've ever went through, that sandstorm"
"Ah well you'll get over it I'm sure." I get up and walk over to Dante before kissing him. I get an idea of how to help Dante while kissing him.
IC: i return the kiss passionately and deeply as we made out for a minute. I pull away slowly "you look like you just figured something out"
"Yes I just thought of a way to get rid of that sand. It might hurt a bit though." I rest my hand on Dante's chest.
IC: i take a deep breath. "go for it"
"Don't back away please." I close my eyes as I focus on the sand in Dante's lungs. I start to make it move up out of his lungs causing him to begin coughing. After about a minute of coughing the sand is entirely out of his lungs. I open my eyes to see a red faced and heavily breathing Dante. "I'm sorry if that was uncomfortable I didn't know if it would even work actually."

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