Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXV

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IC: "Well I'm finished down here. Going to go walk around till its my turn in the sims" Sam says as he goes to walk the halls.
IC: i slump on the coach catching my breath
I sit next to Dante. "You OK?" I ask concerned.
IC: "just *pant* peachy" i reply
I give Dante a confused and concerned look. "What does that mean?" I ask not understanding the saying he just used.
IC: "its a slang term meaning i'm fine"
I nod my confusion disappearing but the concern remaining. "Well you don't sound entirely 'peachy' to me."
IC: "just need to catch my breath is all" i say
I snuggle up against Dante my hand stroking his chest. "OK."
IC: my arm wraps around her shoulder as i pull her close. "so.....what now?"
Dani is quite suspicious. "Check for me, first."

I pull out my PDA and look up who my room inspector for my floor was. "Looks like its... Natalie? Didn't expect that...."

OOC; Notice to everyone who has a person in the tournament. You have twenty-four hours from when Flint Calls for the round contestants to have your character report to the sim. ONLY EXECPTION IS IF YOU TALK TO ME OR ONE OF MAIN THREAD DM'S AND GET OUR APPROVAL FOR A DELAYED START.
This is the only warning.
IC: Sam tapped his com unit on and radio to Stefan. {{I don't know about you but I am getting tired of waiting. How about you?}}
"Well we could go down to the ecosystems for a bit."
IC: i shrug "why not" i say getting up
I smile getting up as well. "Yay." I say as we make our way to the ecosystems.
IC: i hold Serenity's hand "Have i told you that i love you?"
"Yes, yes you have. I love you too." My tail was wagging happily as we walk.
IC: "hey did you know Sam and Tari are getting married?"
I pause for a split second. "No no I didn't." I was kind of surprised yet I had also been wondering when they would.
IC: "That Sam, luckiest f!cking spectre out there"

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