Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXV

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I giggle. "Perhaps."
IC: "but i'm also pretty lucky for having you" i say kissing her on the cheek
IC: Sam enters his dorm waiting on stefan to respond. He goes to take a shower by himself but keeps his com unit close by
"Yeah you are." I enter the elevator followed closely by Dante. The elevator starts down to the ecosystems.
"But... I have a new mother, a new father, and a new brother..." I could utter another word as I fall down on the ground as well. Purposely so he can see the pain in my eyes as well. "We are who we are and he said he didn't want this to happen but he didn't know."

"I... I..." I couldn't say anything. I attempted speech another time, but I couldn't figure out what to say, how to reply. I saw something as I turned my head upwards, and I saw a beast. It had the head of a Zergling, but everything else was human. It was even holding a gun. My eyes widened and I tore my C-10 off my back and shot it in the head, several times. I dropped the rifle and looked at who used to be my sister, no, the person who still was my sister. "I don't care if you don't share genetics with me. Your still my sister."
Jen: I was in the ecosystem, trying to meditate. So far I had relatively good success with it until I felt a slight tickle on my face....
IC: "So how did you develop your power? to like move earth and stuff"
I clutched Korzis against as I hugged tighter. Never letting go but just light enough so he wouldn't choke or feel pain. My hearts pounding against his chest. My eyes met with his. "That means so much... Shade and Zaros didn't take it as well. But you do realize that I can't stay with them? I must be with my new family. It's for the best. But I promise that I'll talk with you... Visit you... But I can just see that grin on Joan's face when she finds out...."
"I was born with what my people call 'Affinities'. Every Elerian has at least one of the various elemental Affinities. Mine are for Earth, Shadow and Light. I developed control through many long years of training."
Dani shrugs. "Nat shouldn't be too bad. Alright, I'll start packing up." She looks at
the room. "Well, crap."

I nod slightly. "I can help you pack if you would like."
IC: "I'm a Terran i'm born with absolutely jack sh!t and people always want to do painful experiments on me to give me powers"
"Don't sell yourself short Dante. You were born with plenty enough though I don't disagree about the crazy experiments."
I sighed. "Can Arianna at least set up a communication tether so we can speak to each other whenever since we can't speak through the Khala anymore?"
IC: "Well enough about the past right?" i say as the elevator opens up "so where do you want to go first?"
I gave a smile as I stood up. Helping Korzis up as well. "Yeah... How is she doing anyway? Our aunt that is? I haven't seen her in awhile... But that could work. I'll be busier now than I was before death though."
I shrug. "Dunno I mostly just wanted to come down here and have some fun." I step out of the elevator and take in the area.
IC: "well go wild, i'll just tag along" i say

OOC: that's all for me, Dante is on auto pilot Gnight
I give Dante a quick kiss before I begin to just let myself go into a wild yet playful mode.
"The last I heard is that she was doing quite well and caused a gang leader to commit suicide." I answered with a shrug.
IC: "Well I'm finished down here. Going to go walk around till its my turn in the sims" Sam says as he goes to walk the halls.

"Alright, good luck!"
I say after him as I finish up on the second cannon.

IC: Sam tapped his com unit on and radio to Stefan. {{I don't know about you but I am getting tired of waiting. How about you?}}

{{hmm... Agreed. Heading to the sim room now.}}
I reply, getting up from my position under the tree.

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