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I am still a casual gamer but would like to make it to masters.

I would really like to have some people to play with to refine my game play with.

I do not want to be in the end all be all competitive type clan because I have far too much stuff going on in the real world to be a full time gamer. But if there are any clans with a decent amount of platinum + members I would like to join.

I can also help coach newer players but would not want that to be my primary role.

in game: crabmonster
char code 926
Hey crab,

I understand exactly what your talking about. I too want to be masters and that is why me and a group of my friends just merged with another group to make [Odd] we are all diamond + and are recruiting to better our roster. Our terrans are actually really good we just need more toss and zergs but we overall are taking any race just diamond +
hey crabmonster,
i believe i have a clan with the culture that may suit your needs, we have numerous high level players who aren't "hardcore". Majority of us either have a career or some form of higher level education to put as a priority before gaming, this doesn't completely cripple our clan to the lower leagues though. We run training days and tournaments which are optional and if you can make these during the week there will allways be someone online who can help you polish off your game play and have some fun doing. i would say close to 60% of our players are plat and above but we also dont isolate lower level players that are hungry to learn and improve.
if coaching is something you enjoy you could allways come along to the training sessions and give some feedback to our newer players or do 1v1 coaching during the week.

i dont know if any of this is what your after but if your intersted have a look at our website

i will try and contact you in game
and to Tobyjrqt
it sounds like our environment is what you and your friends are looking for if things dont work out at [odd] im sure we can make some space! or would love to sort out a clan tournament sounds like our two clans are very similar could be quite fun
The Confederation aims to be one of the most Stout, yet Respectful, Organized, and Fun Clans Battle.net has to offer. We will be hosting Tournaments with Prizes, fun events, and more.

Listen, there are A LOT of other Clans out there. However, you will find NO other Clan that is as professional, or organized, as The Confederation.

Our Clan has been around since the beginning of Battle.net starting with Diablo 1. That makes our Clan 17 years old. During the peak of The Confederation (StarCraft Brood War) the Clan had in excess of 500 active members. Not only was The Confederation one of the largest Clans on Battle.net, It was by far one of the most respected Clans on Battle.net.

We offer a dedicated TeamSpeak 3 Server a legit website, active forums, great community, and a Pro-Gaming Team.

I think a lot of people are familiar with the name HuK. Believe it or not, HuK was in The Confederation during Starcraft Brood War, and the beginning of Wings of Liberty.

If you're interested in joining please visit our website and click "Contact Us" and someone will be with you as soon as possible.

Website: http://the-confederation.net/

Don't let all these other Clans fool you.

Thank you.
Thank you guys for all the replys, I have been getting bugs from forum while trying to reply until now. Message me in game and we can play a few and see how the chemistry works.
Tobyjrqt.357 add me
Hey crabmonster, check us out!


More info on the clan can be found on our website: taw.net

We are all about having fun and improving :) We recruit all skill levels.

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