Sea Region Clan based on N/A

If your anything like me and from Australia or from SEA and for some reason somehow ended up gaming on N/A we would love to have more gamers from the SEA region at vansc, we are a Canadian clan who someone has drawn numerous Australian players and are welcoming with open arms and beers over raidcall! before anything else is typed i want to emphasis i love how much sea is growing and this isnt intended of poaching players or moving them from sea to na, im just trying to gather players that are allready on N/A to join our community.

What we can offer:
We have a damn good website/forum located at
This website contains the aforementioned forum, an auto updating stats page that tracks wins and leagues for all game types (1v, 2v, 3v and 4v)
A streams page where we highlight our member’s streams.
Twitter notifications about your achievements and advertisements for your stream
Facebook notifications about your achievements and advertisements for your stream
The forum also contains a large amount of replays that have been released from large events and our own personal replays where we have ether played a good game, or are asking for analysis on our game.

We host online 1v1 events, we're looking at getting a cast setup for these events to broadcast them online. Our tournaments are a focus for us, and we're continuously working to make them better. You don't need to be a tournament player to enjoy the events either as we have a good number of obs in each game, and of course our casted VanSC_TV stream may be running too.

Last but not least, you’re pretty much guaranteed a couple of free followers on your twitch stream by having it loaded up on our site.

We are a great place for those players who want to improve there game and have a community focused on progressive improvement and enjoying this awesome game.

Our website is the best spot to contact me about in game information or jump into our group
Group: VanSC
Clan: [VanSC]

We are after players with the attitude of improving at sc2 idealy if your willing to play around 100 games a season and want to progressively move up that ladder we would love to have you come along :D

Hey looks like a cool clan, and nice to see you wanting to get inolved with the SEA community.

May I suggest posting this over at Where most of the SEA community action goes down including all the SEA clans and teams.

Good luck with it.

And if your ever looking at doing a clan war you can message me there (mGGAlpha) and we can arrange something :)
i love the sea community :D its been awesome in every other gaming environment and sc2 shows we have some of the coolest gamers out there!

I like the suggestion, i thought that was just for sea servers where this forum is for the sea region is all. mGG ive heard are thriving in the sea community and i would love to do a clan war it would be intersting seeing the two different styles play with each other the issues is majority of my players play around 12pm aus and our numbers arnt over 10 with sea players yet to get competitive with our time zone
Update: i contacted the staff at sc2sea and they where a great help thank you for the advice
Hi Maddocks,

I am interested in joining. I am from Melbourne, Aus. What's the best way to get in contact.

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