Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXI

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IC: "Dante...... Dante Jack. Ex-dominion spectre, and......" i say as electricity incinerates the ball "part freak"
"They call me Yoshi. Ex-mercenary, one of the best Reapers the Dominion ever saw... and addict. I guess if we're gonna be bunkin', we'd best get to know each other, right?" I chuckle awkwardly after I say this.
"So... you got a Jetpack?"
The first thing Zack noticed was that the Protoss was the only one there mentally. The Zerg and the Terran Cynthia were sleeping. "She needed our help but we need her help and vice versa. For there is no easy task to comprehend this. I was only able to free myself when you attacked. The Zerg is the dominant being with the Terran as her slave right now and me as her prisoner..."

The Protoss waited for Zack to ask any questions before saying anything else.
I sigh, shaking my head. "I know the process already, I went through it too. You want to remain dominant, 'kill' the sleeping Zerg. That will force it's true consciousness to vanish and leave only the blood lust and other slight Zergish traits, like a love of meat."
IC: "don't need em. Never want one. I'm kinda rooted you know? Don't like flying around much. The dominion..... never talk to me about the dominion" i say
If the Protoss could have made a frown, she would have. "I'm sorry but I don't quite understand... I may be of righteous fury while she is of blood lust. But I can't make a decision. Cynthia needs to make that decision... we couldn't kill each other... When the Zerg defeated me, she could have killed me. She couldn't... it was impossible. I don't want to make another choice for her... only to help her. But the Zerg would be the better choice for her, not matter if I'm a prisoner." Her voice was confusing almost... She waits once more to see if the Protoss understood why she meant that. Even if the Protoss wont be of the dominant path. The Terran Cynthia will need her fury for her revenge.

"Blood lust with little fury... or a quenched blood lust with pure fury? And one more thing... How shall we be known? In case we talk again. We all need a name. We aren't Cynthia. We are just a part of her. Only the Terran is Cynthia."
I shake my head, rubbing my temples. "Split personalities aren't my department. I'm of one mind and body, made of three races. Truth be told, that's all you are with Cynthia."
"So, Dante... What exactly do we do here at the Academy?"
The Protoss turned away. Walking back into darkness as the Zerg and Terran lay there. "We all have our choices. We aren't Cynthia... only Cynthia is Cynthia and there's only one Cynthia in here. We are... I can't answer that. Maybe Cynthia will when she wakes up. You should leave now and take care of her and put her in bed. Tuck in her sleeping body while he tuck in her sleeping soul."

The Zerg stood up now. Finally awake but tired... walking off towards the Protoss. "You helped her get rid of one evil... for something darker. Something darker than it." She has had her blood lust quenched for now...
Walking up with a yawn, I sleepily poke Terance in the ribs;
"Wakey wakey..."
I murmur.
I shake my head. "Neither one of you is a true person, just two takes on Cynthia's new body." Sighing, I exit her mind and take out some smelling salts. "Can't rest until you're dressed..." Shaking my head, I lay her in her bed and leave, heading to my Wraith. I needed Laura, now.

I grumble in my sleep. "Five more minutes..."
I chuckle, poking him again, a little harder this time;
"It's been a couple of hours Terance, we should probably be getting back... after cleaning up, of course."
The body that was left on the floor just sat there. Turning hard as it dried out quickly. Hitting it just right would turn the whole structure into dust.

I lay there on the bed. My body all slimy and my hair pulled back. My skin just as cold to the touch but warm from being inside myself. It was strange. Where the sedatives affected me. Where it didn't affect the two inside.

The rose... the real rose that Dante brought in was still in its vase.
I grumble again. "Just five more minutes..."
IC: "we train, we get better at what we do. Fighting. But we also have fun, make bonds, all that stuff. Maybe even find that special someone"
I grunt and shrug;
"Fine, but I'm going to go clean up a bit."
I say, getting up, chuckling at the sight of my jumpsuit, nearly inside out;
...we really were in a bit of a hurry, weren't we?...
I think to myself, heading for the shower.
For the record, I'm that way with my wife IRL XD

IC: Rolling over sleepily, I sit up. "Alright, alright, I'm coming."
Hah. XD

I chuckle, turning the water on;
"Thought that might change your mind..."
Stretching, I stand up and follow her and climb in, noting her jump suit and what was left of mine, still reforming. "I'm still gonna kill me an AI."
"No kidding... I just hope the little sh!t isn't testing whatever the hell that was on anybody else..."
I say grimly, letting the gentle roar of the hot running water clear my mind.

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