Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXI

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IC: i decided to go for a walk, bouncing another ball around the hallway and controlling it psionically just a bit
I nod in agreement, Sitting down and rubbing my temples. "Gaia, but do I have a headache."
I shrug, sympathetically rubbing Terance's shoulders;
"Any idea why?"
I ask gently, leaning close and wrapping my arms around him.
Destron: I see Dante in the hallways and I say to him, "Hello fellow student, how is your day?" I say, remembering how in Terran culture you often ask someone that when you say hello to them.
IC: "ups and downs." i say as i control the ball as it rebounds off the walls. "what about you?"
I shake my head, stepping under the water and sighing in relief. "No, but I know when it started."
"My day day is fine, I met the new student, a Terran called Yoshi. From my studying I found out that Yoshi was the name of a small saurian in a series of Old Earth video games."
I ask, my arms still around him, already predicting the answer.
IC: "i know him. He's my new roommate" i say continuing to bounce the ball. "not trying to be rude but how does it feel to be a zerg?"
"Yesterday after I prodded Katarn. I thought it might be him getting me back, but he hasn't responded to me in some time..."
"What do you mean by feel??"
"Do... do you want me to look for him?.. in your mind, that is."
I ask, surprised and worried.
IC: "like what are your habits? Do you crave meat? What aggravates you? How do you feel about Terran behavior?"
I am back
"I do not "craze" meat it is a food I do like. For me I am aggravated by being deprived of knowledge and I find Terran behavior to be, odd."
I shake my head no, washing my hair. "No, I can still feel him, he's all."
I nod, not entirely convinced;
"Ok.. I hope you're right."
I say softly before starting to wash myself;
"Tereance?.. if he's just quiet, then why do you have a headache?..."
I ask carefully.
"He's been asleep for a good amount of time...Could be some kind of feedback from it."

OOC: For those paying attention, Katarn will soon pass on to the afterlife. Of course, it'll only really affect Terance and Alicia.
IC: "thanks" i say before i keep walking
"Yeah... if you don't mind, I'll take a look."
I say firmly, my words more of a statement than a request.

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