Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXI

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I drop to the ground behind Terance, wrapping my arms around his chest, my head pressed to the back of him own;
"Shh... it's ok..."
I murmur softly, empathicly sending him every ounce of love and support I can.
I sob silently. My real dad had only ever wanted me out of the house. Katarn had cared, risking speeding up his death at times to protect me. "Well, I'll need a new sword..." I manage to get out between gasps.
"Well.. there was that sword you found in the lake that day... and if that doesn't work, you could always talk to Cayl... I'm sure he could set you up with something.."
I say comfortingly, gently stroking his head.
I just nod, letting the tears flow. Over ten years he'd been watching over me, and now he was gone. "It's...too quiet inside my head, Alicia...I got too used to him being there..."
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My finger curling into tiny balls it seemed. The computer not that far which meant... Seven and Snow saw everything that conspired but not within my mind. I awoke from a draft as it swept over my skin.

Off the bed I went, just putting on a quick pair of shorts and a loose night-shirt. Walking out into the hallway barefooted. The door opened to let me pass.

Slime making the impression on the floor as it stuck to it. I hadn't bothered to clean up and I looked slightly different with all of it. Then I craved... meat... Hunger.
Giving Terance a gentle squeeze, I wordlessly reach my mind out to his own, carefully wrapping up his pain and loss in a mental blanket of love and support.
IC: i was still walking while the COM had no answer. That's when i saw Cynthia and cut the connection. She had a wild look in her eye, wait no..... hunger. That's when i remembered what Destron said about meat. "I'm guessing you're going to the cafe" i say
"Okay, one, I do not want the device found and destroyed, yet. Not after it infects another."

Zerak Kel finds himself on top of Soul Chaser, meditating, his eyes holding a dimmer glow, a small sign of his sadness from his defeat. His cannon sat beside him, and his body floated an inch above the golden metal of the small, modified Tempest. Energy danced between the long stabilizers of the Tempest dangerous and reactive weapon. The light coated Zerak Kel with a blue hue.

Sahlk walks to the hangar and passes through, to the outside world. A great large Ultraroach unburrows from the land. The acid spitting beast, lowers its large kaiser blade, dripping burning acid onto the sand, at the very tip that touched the ground the sand underwent great heat, turning to glass, then melting. As Sahlk was about to climb up this blade the acid stopped flowing into it, and dripped from the Roach mouth. When Sahlk had reach the top he finds the small dent in the armor in which he could attach himself to, and places himself in there. The acid continues flowing down the kaiser blade, and lifting them high in the air with a bellow, the Ultraroach charged.
"Okay, one, I do not want the device found and destroyed, yet. Not after it infects another."
What device?
For me it seemed as if I didn't eat for days... weeks even. Hunger setting in as I walk by. Dante had stopped me and seemed worried at first until he realized it was just hunger... yes hunger. Staring at his succulent neck. Mouth watering but then I shook it off. "Yeah..." I say. Dante could notice all the slime on me... it was unnatural. I grab a hold of Dante as I was about to fall onto the ground. Some of the slime got on the spot of his armor/clothing. (Whatever he was wearing)
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I start to calm down a little bit and I kiss Alicia. "Thanks..."
"It is, twenty-one years after WoL, making it 2525. It would be, I would guess, June? It would be, 5:00PM. Owl, there was a device mind controlling Korzis."
IC: slime got on my shirt but i didn't really care. I saw the hunger in her eyes and i didn't care. She probably considered eating me but i didn't care. "lets go get you some food" i say, hanging on to her and walking to the cafe
"I just woke up from a very long nap..." I said, slightly annoyed at that fact since it was forced upon me... and whatever happened made me ferociously hungry. I could just eat a student right now... the thoughts running through my mind. "Food sounds good... maybe a big slab of rump." Noticing how Dante was hanging onto me... almost as if he's glad that he found me.
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I check my PDA and see the time. "Man, that space lag is awful. I thought it was the middle of the night."
IC: She was getting ferocious. I tossed the ball in the air and had it bounce around "focus on the ball" i say as we kept walking. "You needed rest, its good for you"

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