Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXI

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I sigh, shaking my head. I understand where you're coming from. I'm growing more concerned with the decision. Her Zerg side won out. However, I managed to contain it.

"We'll see. Just getting past round one against everyone here will be a challenge given my...unique disadvantage."
For now. Unfortunately we both know that it doesn't like to be contained for long. I've been at this for awhile and still struggle with the beast with in. Can't say I prefer one side over the other as both strengthen me and weaken me in their own way. To have both makes one even more powerful when combating as their strengths make up for the others loss. In some comparison it is like having both the Khala and the Void to draw energy from.
"Talk to Cayl. He mainly fights with blades, I'm sure he's got some tricks for closing the distance... Besides, the Tournament's just one-o-one dueling.. When there's actually sh!t going down you can count on allies to to look after your @ss.. and vice versa."
"No, Cayl's powers and my own are worlds apart. I'll figure something out."

I've never had a connection to the Khala, so I only know the Void. Truthfully, that's all I need. Well, that and my pyrokinetics.
"Fair enough, I was thinking in terms of general strategy, but you've probably got that down to pat.."
I say, unsure what to do now.
It's... different. Having so many minds interacting with your own seeing memories and thoughts of another all telepathically and more or less with out even trying is still uncomforting at times. Strangely it is comforting and warm, unlike the Void. Both provide much power when used correctly and with proper discipline.
I chuckle, heading for the bridge. "You could say that. Viola confirms we're clean so I'm heading for the hanger."

I'll take your word for it.
Anyway, if there is a way that I can be of assistance let me know.
"So whatever was used is now out of our systems?..."
I ask, pulling on my jumpsuit.
I nod, grabbing my own jumpsuit and slipping it on. "She ran a full scan, so nothing slipped past her."

Mind making sure she doesn't eat a student on her way to the cafeteria?
I flip pulling Sam with me and we land on our backs, Sam on the bottom. I quickly get out of the bear hug and flip over straddling Sam at about his hips and pinning his hands above his head. Our faces were about even and my hair was draping down as a frame of sorts. I smile and lean in to give Sam a kiss while I unconsciously grind my crotch against his. I hadn't realized that the pheromones from Serenity's Estrus had affected me but not anyone else.

OOC: Steel it's Sam's turn to be the voice of reason :P unless you just want to let them do it in the sand and have a pain of a time getting clean afterward ... up to you really *evilgrin*
That I can do. Just finished with what I was doing.

I blink into the cafeteria keeping Cynthia with in my eyesight.
Ouch... Sand burn. And that can really happen, Morph? Interesting.

IC: My hands grasped the first chunk of meat. Sharp teeth penetrating the flesh quickly. Devouring it within half a minute. And then another. And another. Almost as if I had no manners.

It hadn't occurred to me that Dante still cared... risking everything as if he was trying to get us back together. While I wolfed down my food like a savage animal about to starve. Never taking in my own surroundings as I felt someone watching me. Turning abruptly with meat grease on my hands and face. Seeing Flint just watching me...
I was not disturbed by Cynthia's actions as I did know the hunger that being part zerg brought. I simple remain where I was watching to make sure that she didn't eat a student.
IC: I wake up and decide to go to the firing range in order to practice with my Scythe Pistols.
IC: i yawn. letting the ball float around not really focusing right now. There was still that tiny part of my subconscious asking me what are you doing? but i didn't give it a second thought. "wow now you got an appetite to rival even mine" i say
OOC: Me being the voice or reason??? well here comes sandburn... just kidding

IC: "As much fun as it would be to do that here, I don't really want sand rubbing me in those areas." Sam says as he breathes in deeply for a second. "Tari... you smell a little bit like serenity what is going on?"
not sure if it really can but meh. actually I know a wolf's or dog's estrus can affect other wolves and dogs ... this is PKA any way so ... and steel you can have control if you want till I get back ... at least until they get back to the ship there is something that I should be here for. *grins evilly*

Realizing what I was doing I roll off of Sam. "Oh god ... I'm sorry Sam I don't ..." I look at Sam confused. "I smell like Serenity? I wonder if her Estrus affected me ... *moan* Sam w-we should go back." I was shaking, sweating, breathing heavily and my hands were drifting across my body. "I'll set the autopilot for the Academy." I shakily get to my feet and head for Dystopia.
OOC: i have a snow day today and its so boring *Face table*

IC: as i watched Cynthia eat i couldn't help but feel a hint of sadness..... "why do humans always want to change other humans into what they see fit?" i mumble
I gave a low growl... It wasn't vicious though. Turning back to face Dante... never knowing what he was up to. "Yeah... only when I need to eat... I need more meat that I normally do." Never hearing what Dante said next. Another savory chunk of meat slapped off the bigger piece and slid into my mouth. Being chewed thoroughly.

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