Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXI

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IC: i chuckle before focusing back on the ball. "so what have you been up to?" i ask
That question forced me to think in wonder. As the meat in my hands slithered out with a splat against the tray. "Fighting with myself... Losing the battle. Thoughts running through my head and I saw a rose... The crystal was shattered but this one was a real one."
Jen: I was relatively hungry after my training and I headed down to the cafeteria and I could not believe my eyes. Their was Cynthia, alive, tearing into a piece of meat like she was a feral animal. I give Dante a look that even on my inhuman face could be read as "What the hell has happened??"
IC: "oh. i wonder who could've left it there" i say, pretending to look confused. I turn to Jen "Cynthia has been revived by Zack as a changeling. And right now she is very hungry" i say before turning back to Cynthia. "I can help you with the fighting with yourself thing. I've done it for 8 years with myself so i guess i kinda know the ins and outs"
I walk into the cafeteria, grabbing some food, and my voice sounds in Dante's mind. You don't understand the kind of fighting with herself that she's going through. Do yourself a favor and stay away from her mind.
Dante's confused look worked as I went back to eating... slower this time as I was suspicious now. Hearing his every word like a record player going back and forth. "You can't... I need to give them names as well. There are two of them including my old self locked up inside of my new self."
I walk into the Training Room, and walk over to one of the rings. I activate the bots, and set my gun over to the side, leaning on the bench. I go back to the console, and let them use their ranged weapons, starting with pistols and melee weapons first. I sigh, and check the clock. I take the filter off on my helmet, and take a canister off my hip. I open the canister, and take a breath of terrazine, sealing the canister back up. I pull my knife out and go out to the ring, just as the bots got into position.
IC: "this is all too confusing for me. Cynthia is Cynthia, no matter what right?"
"I'm new Cynthia... but the other two inside of me... Are not Cynthia." I could feel Zack coming. Something screamed inside of me... not hate. Something else yet I couldn't tell what.
Jen: I walk and go get my food and I think to myself, "Do I eat like that??" I say to myself before picking up my tray of food, chicken with mashed potatoes. I think back to the times I have eaten here I realized that while I do not use utensils anymore I did not eat as wildly as she did and instead used my claws like a fork in most cases unless it was more liquidy like soup or potatoes, then I had to either put some of it in my hands or eat it like a dog. "Dang, never really put much thought into how I eat now that I'm not really human." I say to myself before beginning to eat my food.

Destron: Razortooth watches Cynthia carefully, monitoring more ways she had changed from his hiding place. What really intrigued me was when I/he heard her talking about split personalities. This Changeling DNA had altered her in more ways than I had previously thought. I would have to investigate further.
Right, because you have missed the message repeatedly, Mecha.

IC: A Void metal needle pierces each of Razortooth's eyes, followed by a kunai that spears him through the chest and soon my voice finds Destron. You are painfully unaware of the concept of privacy. I've just shown you what I do as a warning to spies. Let me catch you spying on her again, and I will know, and I will end your existance. Slowly and painfully. I sat down at a table and ate, having seemingly not done anything.
I chuckle softly as I hear Cynthia growl. I lean back in my seat as I continue to watch.
It is just a side effect of her recent change Jen. Even I was that way when I was a fledgling.

She hasn't tried anything Zack though she did growl. Not sure if she was wanting me to leave or she knew why I was there. Either way I am staying here till I have something else to do.
I'm here too, though more for food. Keep an eye out for that damn cyborg's pets. I just warned him but he'll probably try again.
Razortooth lets out a great roar which blows his his position and he says to Zack "Master is only observing like a scientist observes a bird. The scientist does not run around making noise, scientists stays hidden, not wanting to disturb." He says before sulking out of his hiding spot.
I have a few tricks of my own.... Learned a small trick a few years ago with bending the minds of others. I haven't gotten to the point of creating a full false memory but I can remove them no matter how old it just appears a blank in the persons mind.
The tray was licked clean as my tongue swept over the plastic. The hunger has been satisfied. For now.

Dante was trying to help me over course... trying to get close to me once more. Wanting to love me but even I knew that would no longer be possible. There was no point in settling down anymore. No point in trying to love anyone that will die when I am immortal.

With one quick shove. Dante was on the ground as I hurried out of the bench and ran out of the cafeteria.
Changelings do not appreciate being spied on. Had it been Andy, Destron would be dead without a second thought.
I keep relaxed and track of Cynthia through her mind.
I am tracking her Zack she won't get to far with out me knowing.
"Not spying, observing, did you not listen??" Razortooth says as he walks out into the cafeteria, finding his way through memory and his nose and ears.
You'll learn there's a difference soon enough. Finishing eating my small meal, I head for where Flint was, also tracking Cynthia. "I have reason to believe she's having second guesses."

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