Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXI

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"No, Laura is a lot like me, though less flame stuff. And it wouldn't. Your DNA isn't the same anymore, so I doubt that." I sigh, shaking my head. "If you don't like it that much, reject it. Have your DNA write it out."
I say absently watching the scene unfold, a little focus with my empathics clearing up most of my confusion, my knowledge of people handling the rest;
"Oh my..."
I murmur with a slight chuckle.
I raise an eyebrow before thinking back on that slight hormone read out on my HUD before I'd lowered my helmet. "Oh, merciful...was that what I think it was?"
"How do I do-" I say as I step on the next one. Still not prepared for the lash. Gripping my head again. "-that?" I say. One more came out onto my hands and it withered and breathed in the palm of my hands. "I can't seem to kill this one..." I say with my eyes gleaming. Almost... a motherly instinct with this particular larva. "I can't kill it."
I grin wryly;
IC: i walk up to Terrance and Alicia "nothing happened.........NOTHING" i say before continuing to the door
I laugh, grinning ear to ear;
"I.. I'm not particularly concerned or interested... But I'm an empath... You're not going to fool me that easily."
I call after him, chuckling.
I shake my head as I leave. "Nah he'll be fine. What do you want to do?"
I wander the halls a bit deciding to talk with Sam and Tari a little bit later.


IC: "Well I need to spend time in medlab kind of payment for my medic training." Sam says while walking with Tari. "You could spend time with me but it gets boring looking at medical sheets."
IC: "I deny everything!" i call back before leaving the cafe
I shake my head, remembering Serenity and Dante talking. "I don't...even want to imagine that..." I finish my food and sigh. "Way to ruin a good appetite."

"Simple. You tell it to, because it's your DNA. How do you think we infiltrate so well?"
Dante is followed by my peals of laughter;
"Oh my.. was I bit harsh?.."
I say, shaking my head in amusement.
I shrug. "Could use a check up anyway even though I got them almost every day while I was captured but I could use one after being some what torn up by those spikes." A hand runs over my stomach and even though there weren't any scares I could still feel a faint ghost of the wounds.


IC: "maybe I can help take care of those wounds" Sam says as he looks at Tari. "I've taken a lot out of this world good and bad, maybe one day I can put something good in to it but till then its nice to be able to do some good by healing people."
"No idea, but just that image..." I shudder and grab a chicken ranchero and more mexi fries and start eating. "Let's agree to not think on that again."
"What?... Oh, right. Whatever."
I say with an unperturbed shrug.
"How though? How do I tell it to reject something." I was almost hugging the larva now as it wriggling into my arms. Something was coming back... a loneliness as the old came over the new for now. Almost breaking out into a fit again. "The old and the new! Coming and coming... One memory comes back and the other is given more strength until it goes away..."
"Just think to your body, 'Remove this ability' and that's what will happen."

Chuckling, I swallow and kiss Alicia. "So, when we spar, how about you pick the environment?"
IC: i had changed into my armor and grabbed a can of Terrazine. I decided to train in my room so no one is exposed to it and decided to use liquid concentrate. I dumped a bit of the purple glowing liquid into a flask and took one sip. "25cc" i mumble as more electrical energy comes to me. i send a bolt fizzing for a rod a buried in the ground. Pushing myself to the limit my power still hovered at the 4000 volt restriction "not enough eh" i growl before taking another. "50cc" i say as suddenly my electrical power rises and keeps going up. Thats when i felt it, the stinging sensation on my forearm. "screw it" i say taking a huge gulp "that makes 100cc" i say as more power comes, the stinging grew to a throbbing pain as i screamed and stopped the current. I had extended my power range to 6000 volts in that short time. The pole was glowing red, and so was my forearm. i put down the flask and went to the medbay to check on the burns
"Sure.. hope you like~ nah, I'll keep it a secret."
I say impishly, sticking my tongue out.
I raise an eyebrow, grinning mischievously. "I think I know a way to ferret it out."
I smile slightly still rubbing my stomach slightly. "Yeah ..." I lean against Sam a tiny bit upset about him having to work in the med bay and not really able to spend time with him but I didn't show it. I had spent four and a half months away from Sam and I wanted to make up for lost time but I understood his desire to pay the Academy back for his medical training. I began wondering what I would do after my check up.


IC: Sam didn't really want to work today but he needed to log a few hours. "I only need work for about an hour or two then I can take the rest of the day off." He says "beside I kind of want to spend time with you today."

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