Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXI

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I arch an eyebrow;
"Oh? It'll take more than that punk..."
I say, grinning ear to ear.
"I don't think so..." I lean in and kiss her neck before nibbling her ear.
IC: i reached the medbay and opened the door. "oh hey Sam" i say before going to get the medi-gel. I winced as i applied it to my forearm.
I shiver and make a throaty noise, leaning up against him;
"Not.. even.. close.."
I grin, kissing her neck and biting it. "You sure?"
I moan softly, pressing my head to his chest;
"This is supposed to make me talk?..."
Entity Seven watches avidly with an entire 0.025% of its capacity, massive for something like this. There is serious potential here, it muses as it records.
With out warning, I start tickling her. "Nope, just distract you."

OOC: I trust you'll say the tickling weak point XD
I squeal, jumping backwards a good 5 feet as Terance tickles my sides;
"Terance, you b@stard!!"
I say, laughing.
"Better talk then." I had an evil grin on my face, though it was good humored, and I take a step towards her.
I shake my head with exaggerated determination;
"Never! Stef will protect me!"
I shout, before rocketing out of the cafeteria.
darkra ... Tari and Sam are currently side by side ...
"I want to spend time with you also but we should deal with my check up first." I say giving a tiny nod to Dante and going to sit on an exam table.


IC: Sam put on a white lab coat over his under armor and heads back to Tari who is sitting on the exam table. He also put on some glasses that had a HUD to help him. "How you feeling Dante?" He says to Dante before looking at Tari. "Ok Tari I'm going to check your wounds to make sure they are healed"
Seven considers broadcasting the vid to all Academy students and faculty, then decides not to... yet. After all, it has several much more interesting vids that remain unrevealed. Perhaps it should wait for a good moment.
I grin and flash step in front of Alicia, tickling her again. "Not if I get you first!"
I squeal again;
"Da~ damn it Ter~ Terance!! Knock i~ it off!!"
I gasp through peals of laughter.
"Speak your plan!" I continue, a wicked grin on my face.

OOC: I'm pretty sure everyone can hear this.
{This is Boris. Kelly was acting up, she almost broke the door down in the detention area. Be advised, her strength has increased as her infestation completed} Boris replies, sounding distracted.
And 7's recording it...

"Ne~ never!!.. I~ Damnit!!! An open desert!! with lots of roaches!!!"
I nod and roll my shirt up enough to show my stomach where I had been hit. There were a few scars but they were almost unnoticeable seeming to only be tiny variations of skin color.


IC:"Scars seem to have healed nicly now tell me if this hurts." Sam says as he gently pushes down on the wounds.
I chuckle as I tickle her a little more then stop. "See, that all could have been avoided."

{Right, so in other words, we're going to need less savory deinfestation methods?}

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