Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXI

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Now would be a good time to act, Seven decides. It cues the program, and a small spiderlike drone on the wall leaps silently past Terance's head, spraying the two with a mist of fluid, so thin as to be imperceptible. It sinks through the skin and has multiple effects on the victims, the first being an increase in testosterone in males and estrogen in females. Endorphin release is also triggered.
Good thing they're wearing armor.
My laughter trickles out in chuckles;
"Damnit Terance, couldn't you have just waited?!?..."
Over their entire bodies? I think not. Even the slightest opening will have fill effect, as the potio - that is, drug, has no effect itself but merely triggers effects of the body.
I shake my head. "Nope. Not in the least. Now, I need to clean off the ranch all over me, so I'm heading back to the ship."

Edit-You have been denied by the simple fact that the male and female body require breaks.
{We still have a method to keep her suppressed when we need to, just hurry and find a way to reverse her infestation.} Boris replies.
{Will do.} I face Ceas. "It's completed by now."
I squirm a bit as Sam prods the wounds. They didn't hurt but I was a bit ticklish so I had to bite my lip in order to suppress a laugh. "No it doesn't."


IC: " Well that is good.. hmm I know that this medbay has a scar removing tool if you want those removed some time.. not like anyone can notice beside kinda look good on you." Sam say checks Taris vitals.
I shake my head, still chuckling slightly;
"You could have saved yourself the trouble... Alright, I'll see you in a bit then."

Off for dinner.
The effect of the po - drug is delayed. Its effects will be unnoticeable at first, but will grow stronger until the primeval mind is indomitable.
I shake my head, feeling a little odd despite the fact we'd just eaten. "I think you should come with us. Seven's playing at something." I lead us back to my ship and seal the ramp, Viola and Veronica keeping intruders out of the system.
Intruders? I'm shocked at the very idea.

Seven watches through the ships vital monitoring system, not to mention the little tidbit installed earlier. Of course, the lack of a certain code prevents it from doing anything truly nasty, like self-destructing the thing, but manipulation is something else entirely.
KO, stay the hell off the ship. No debate on that. Nothing was installed. Period.
I run my hand over the scars. It didn't feel different and I somewhat liked how they look. "I'm undecided on that." I roll my shirt back down and wait for Sam to finish the check up.


IC: "Ok you're not going to like this next part Tari but its important... I'm going to need to draw blood. The lab techs want to see what those freaks did to you." Sam says with a slight frown on his face.

I sigh. "Just go ahead and do it." I say bracing myself for it.


IC: Sam takes uses the smallest needle they had in the medlab and is able to hit the vein in one go. "Huh thats the first time I did that on the first try" He mutters just loud enough that Tari can hear.
Nothing was installed. Period.

Mm-hmm... of course not. I can't believe you would even think it.
Why would he need to install things unnecessarily? He has things that understand the ship and run it at beyond optimum.
Did I say I installed any weird hardware on your ship? NO.
AH, this takes me back to ye goode olde days. Entity Seven and Agent Shadow made the perfect pair of friendly backstabbers and semi-omnipotent rivals.

There is no part of Seven that could link up to the ship with out alerting Viola and Veronica.

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