Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXI

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"He claims to have done it accidentally. Which, considering the hell we went through to get our door open quietly, wouldn't have surprised me." I store my own gear and head for the shower.
We doing that silly/stupid plot point that KO had in mind?...

Storing my armor, I lay down on the bed, trying to pinpoint and identify that feeling...
He'll complain if we don't...

IC: I glance over at Alicia, undressing her with my eyes before snapping out of it. What the hell am I doing?
Hell, this is going to be interesting...

With sudden click, it falls into place;
"Ah... Terance? do you feel.. off?... or unusually aroused?..."
I ask, surprisingly nervous.
"That depends. Would undressing you with my eyes count?"
"I think it might... There's.. something that triggered an endorphin release... among other things..."
I say grimly, more affects already kicking in.
The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. "Damn it, Seven..."
Thinking hard for a moment, I ask;
"What kind of humor does this AI have?..."
"Twisted." Despite my better judgement, I lay on the bed with Alicia, my hands wandering. "When this wears off, he's toast..."
I growl, a surprisingly primal noise of anger, as it erupts from my throat;
"Viola, do a full sensor sweep of the ship, and the comp system, hell anything that's scanning the ship as well... There better not be any little spies watching..."

That is the name of the ship's AI, right?
One of 'em, yeah. The other is Veronica.

IC: "She's already doing so. Found Seven trying to be sneaky with the primary systems. So, she booted him. We're in the clear." The ship can be felt taking off and exiting the hangar. "Meanwhile, Veronica is taking additional precautions."
Sighing, I roll over, pressing my back to Terance's chest, the top of my head to his chin;
I mutter, encouraging the wandering of his hands.
One wanders between her legs as I kiss and bite her neck gently. "Dead AI, very dead AI."
I shiver and arch my back;
"Damn straight..."
I sigh and shake my head;
"Since there's not much choice in the matter... We might as well enjoy ourselves..."
I say, twisting around to kiss him.
I finish posting the list for the tournament.

Round 1
Terrance Vs. Serenity

Round 2
Tari Vs. Destron

Round 3
Stefan Vs. Sam

Round 4
Ceas Vs. Jen

Round 5
Tyr'Dhiram Vs. Shirinar

Round 6
Omicron Vs. Dante

Round 7
Alica Vs. Salik

Round 8
Zerak Vs. Greggor

Round 9
Calek Vs. Kelly?

Round 10
Winner Round 1 Vs. Winner Round 2

Round 11
Winner Round 3 Vs Winner Round 4

Round 12
Winner Round 5 Vs. Winner Round 5

Round 13
Winner Round 7 Vs. Winner Round 8

Round 14
Winner Round 9 Vs ?

With that now posted I head into my office to begin creating the maps to be used in the simulator, the door left slightly open for a change.
"You've got an excellent point." I kiss her back and grow more intense in my pleasuring.

OOC: I literally ran out of words at the end of that sentence.

IC: Reaching Flint's office, I knock despite the slightly open door. "Flint, I need your help."
I look up from my desk at the door and open it telekentically. "What is it Cayl?"
Ha. I can tell.

I moan, opening my empathics to the max; sense in holding back...
I think to myself as an intense wave of primal plesure ripples through both of us;
"Da~ damn..."
I say, gasping for breath, my heart pounding.
"I need your help freezing a sub atomic cloud."

I groan slightly and only grow more intense as {BLACK SCREEN.}
"As in cryo freeze, absolute zero freeze...?"

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