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My revolver rings out sixteen times, SF and CR falling over with bullet holes in them. "Knock that sh!t off!"
-Watches all this while eating popcorn- Oh my I leave for a bit and come back too I'm not entirely sure what.
I defy Zarkun's shame rambled logic. ;)
Everyone knows that particular revolver only has six shots in it. ;)
"I know my gun better than you. It's an eight shot. Yours is six."
I has a gatling gun?
"My revolver is more accurate too."
I have an imaginary gun.

I win.


Silverwolf, you might want to change your portrait, or you (I know I'll probobly get my kneecaps shot out for this) Zarkun might change your portrait.
I played straight through the Heart of the Swarm in a day too get this so not changing it lol
Seniority, Silver. I was here longer.
Hmmm... Level 30 Kerrigan maybe? If you earn that... We will have variety!
Than you get me here other picture and I'll change it lol. I only two more levels too get her ghost picture. Though isn't there a way too replay through the game with her current level you get once you beat it?
Master archive lets you, yeah. I actually have her Ghost pic too. Got that before I even beat the game. Pays to get all the objectives.
I missed the one level where Kerrigan is fighting that shapeshifter I couldn't seem too find the other crystal and almost ran out of time. Getting too level 30 well yea not gonna happen for me for a while.

Now that I think about it. Can someone explain too me why Kerrigan's hair is still all zerg like even as Terran?
There picture changed until I somehow get level 30 or he does.
I'm actually going level 29 Raynor. 30 is a skin for...I think the marine?
Level 29 Zerg is Kerrigan.
This means I'm gonna have too work at getting my Zerg level too 29 too get a cooler picture of Kerrigan.
Head to channel dtx gaming, we'd love to have you.
I suck probably worse than all of you, unless somehow you manage to never produce anything but SCV's.... No but seriously, my roommate just loves to kill me and then tell me I suck. So... I still suck. Any ways, #194, if you care to decimate another poor soul, or just to chat- i'm game for either :)

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