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Rules: Add your in-character portion to the tale of the short-thinking feral zerg, Roach. Plot below, discuss!

Terrain: Mountainous-terrestial region. Dominion base nearby. The rest of the information is gathered below.

Terran nuclear test, forced burrow. Fully regenerated.
Feral. Psionic bond temporarily diminished.
Follow pheromone trail to the fallen hive cluster...
Darkness falls. Enter ravine for shelter and food.
Bright light everywhere! Terran voices. Panic.
Run to high ground. Wire, caught! Spit on wire. Melt.
Marine bullets, carapace protection. Can survive. RUN!

OOC: New to SC2, minor experience in roleplay. Thread is directed to meeting new faces out there and casual entertainment. Good luck, and have fun!
The Roach was small. Its carapace was thin, but from its body in high amounts, acid was able to poor, smoke came off the ground, the Marine's bullets flying through the air as the Roach burrowed into the ground. It cut through the hardened rock, the claws slicing through much like a hot knife would cut through butter.

Thoughts raced through its mind. Feed. Evolve. Shelter. Kill. Collect. Hide. Survival. It clacked together its mandibles as it moved through the ground. It bursts from underneath the hard surface. It looked to its right, and to its left, not seeing anything. It turns around and sees nothing. And then it hears it. The screaming of the blades cutting through the wind. The Banshee hovering in the air not far from it. The missiles fly from the belly of the hovering beast, and acid meets them. The Roach burrowed yet again, needing biomass. It had to survive.

The Roach felt activity. It heard the footsteps through the vibration of them pounding against the ground above it. It came upwards, its claw penetrating the armor of the Marine, and it pulled him to the ground. Coming up the rest of the way it latched on with its giant maw and brought the Marine down into the ground, and moved away so the others of the squad could not shoot it. The Marine's screams echo through the artificial cave system as the Roach cut through the the armor, slicing into the Marine's skin and acid drips onto the Marine. The Roach's dark maw envelops the Marine's head, and the screams cease. The Roach feeds on the corpse, its need for biomass being sustained.
The Roach is sated, but also disgusted. Terran biomass is tasteless and goes down hard without creep. The biomass is strong enough, however, to work as a sustainable substitute. Feeding complete. Roach's mind recaliberates towards the next objective: Evolve. His mind conflicts itself. Evolve? No sense. Kill more necessary. What? No! Hide, yes, we hide. Survive in shelter. Kill another day. The Roach did not realize that evolution was commencing already. Since no Overseer or Overlord was present, he would have to put priorities first.

Roach heard blades whirl in the distance. Threat. Adrenal glands overloaded at the excitement of understanding the danger. The Banshee would be back soon and report his presence to the others. Shelter. The simplistic mind told him. The Roach made a mad dash break for survival. He scurried back to the ravine. Along the way his right eye caught a glimpse of something slightly darker than the rest of the region, and it was carved right out of the land itself. Cave. Safe, go. Changing direction, the Roach hurried inside. The blades tore at the stale wind outside, a light flashed nearby, then left completely. He was safe. The adrenal glands slowed down, his body was now able to cool. In that moment, another very familiar psionic presence was felt all too close for comfort.
Food good. More energy. More energy means more hunt means more food means more energy. Cycle of life. Must wait for orders.



And waiting.

THere are no orders. Must find orders. Must find food. ENergy. No orders, means continue cycle. Must hunt. Many terrans near...
While there indeed were a great many terrans nearby, there had to be a way to draw them in. One kill had already been made, and they would likely find it through the Banshee. He would be discovered in the cave soon. There had to be a way to draw them in carefully, one by one. The choices came down to either that or find something else to do. Still, there was an unusually large amount of psionic energy emenating from within...

What? Feel presence. Go. Find orders. No! We need food! Terrans not tasty enough. Creep, yes. Nurture. Maybe hive in cave? Go.

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