Okay, MAYBE this is a little late...

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I'm blue da ba dee ba de diiie, da ba dee da ba die, da ba dee ba de dieeeeeee~

That was the song of my childhood. ;u;
Greetings Yoshi.

My name is Zanon. I am a regular at Joeyray's and the unofficial forum sheriff of Joeyray's.
My (unofficial) job is to give a brief orientation to new RPers at Joeyray's Bar. This includes relevant facts about myself and others.

The first and most important thing is: BLIZZARD'S CODE OF CONDUCT.
You can find this on the bottom of any page on the forum. In them you will find all the things that they can ban you for.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thundercrash (He isn't here right now) knows what he is talking about, but really any of the people here can be counted on to answer a serious question.

As a courtesy to others, do not kill their characters. Also try to keep your punctuation in top form. We have a lot of perfectionists here, as this is primarily a story forum.

Have fun.

More information is available on:

----------IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ME----------
I am an easy going person but, if you post something that contains x-rated or downright disgusting material I WILL REPORT YOU.
I have reported two people for this, and they were both PERMANENTLY banned.
----------End note----------
I'm blue da ba dee ba de diiie, da ba dee da ba die, da ba dee ba de dieeeeeee~

That was the song of my childhood. ;u;

Imagine the looks I got when I could sing along with it -.-
Yo listen up, here's a storeh, 'bout a little boy who lives in a bluuue world.
And all day an' all night and every-thing he, sees, is all blue, like him, in-side and out-side.
Blue his house, with a blue little windowand a blue cor-vette and every-thing is blue, like him, and every-body around
cause he ain't got
I'm blue, da ba de, da ba di, da ba de, da ba di.
Me you and Zanon, next time we do a 3v3, we're singing that in chorus.
XD totally.

Listening to it on YT right now.
That blue song when I first heard it sounded like he was saying im in need of a guy.
Is it sad that I know that song by heart?
Hi. I am just an ordinary guy here on the forums.
I almost never post anything but i read all of the popular forums.
Also, I love Yoshis because they are cute.

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