Zergling and Zealot 2 Episode 2 Part 1

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OOC: Good, so I can DM your thread again right?

Watching at the video feeds at my control room, the driver carrying the cargo checks in at the secret back entrance.

"Dr. Abraham, the goods have arrived," said the driver plainly.

I press a button on my desk. The secret entrance opens and the truck moves inside. With the click of the button again, the entrance seals behind the truck and there is no trace of evidence that would suggest an entrance was there to begin with.

The truck soon heads towards an elevator and begins its descent. Soon, very soon, I will acquire the last pieces of the puzzles.
OOC: Good, so I can DM your thread again right?

OOC: How comical.

Dan's voice squeaks again.

"You feel that Jason? I think we are going down! Where do you think they are taking us?"

"I don't know Dan, I really don't know. I hope the others are alright. Come to think of it, what happened?"
The movements stop and the door of the truck opens and light in. The children's hands and feet are bounded by some electrical device. There is a click and the locks are deactivated. As far as they could see, there is a long, white hallway with a black door at the very end.
There was crying, befuddlement, and fear. I saw it in all of my classmate's eyes. I would be lying to myself if I said I wasn't scared. Alone with no sense of where we were, we were exposed and naked.

I knew growing up in the ghettos of our town that it was best to keep a cool and collected head. It was tough for growing up with my sister and foster dad in the poorest sections of the city but it I was for once glad it taught me to remain focused in times of danger.

If only I could follow my advice. My hands were undeniably shaking and tears were welling up in my eyes. I quickly rubbed off the tears. I couldn't show weakness. Not when I was the tallest and toughest boy in the class. I had to be strong, for Dan, for my class, for me.

It took some time, but I managed to calm down most of my classmates to my surprise.

"Where do we go?" asked Mindy.

I looked at the only place we could go.

"Down the hallway, come on. We can't stay here. I see a door ahead. Let's stick together..."
The door opened and the children stepped inside.

I swung my chair around to face them with cigar in hand.

"Greetings children. I will be your caretaker for tonight. You are under my protection. From this day forward you will do as I say."

There was one that caught my eye. The boy in front, he was a leader. Jason was his name if I remember my files. A hard past, shaping his leadership skills. An asset to be acquired.

Scythe Pistols, Elite Punisher Grenades
Appearance: Reaper with black, bulkier armor and jet pack. white skull-and-scythe insignia on the right shoulder. Young face with dull, bored-looking brown eyes and thick black hair. 6'1''. Broad Shoulders.
Backstory: Yoshi was an elite Dominion Reaper renowned for his speed and focus in combat. That speed and focus was the result of his abuse of the enhancing drug known as a "Stim." A jealous Marine exposed him after finding him using a Stim out of combat, which is strictly forbidden because it causes the Dominion to waste resources making more. His superiors, in the usual Dominion style, ordered his execution for breaking the law.
He barely escaped with his life.
He became a well-known and feared mercenary, and he was said to be especially efficient when his target was part of the Dominion.
His nickname is from an Old Earth video game that was made more than 5 centuries ago.
"Who are you?" I ask.
"I am Yoshi, an elite Reaper come to claim my rightful place among these statues of great people I have never heard of before! Who're you?"
Yoshi, they're BSing.
"Your future," I say simply.

"You may be wondering why you are here, but I assure you, no harm will come to you as long as you obey and follow my orders. If you are really good, you may even find yourselves back with your parents."
Yoshi, they're BSing.

ah, OK then.
I could smell the lies coming out of this person's mouth. He was a dangerous one. No one would kidnap children and reassure that no harm would come to them. I turned my neck briefly to see how my friends were holding up.

They were still confused, vulnerable. This man's words were reassuring for them. Dan simply had his head down and looked up at me. Mindy's eyes were intensely focused on the man.

"What do you want?" I ask, trying to keep my voice firm and resolute.

Yoshi, they're BSing.

Good sir, this is legitimate RP
This Jason was quite the brave fellow. Despite the hands trembling, he tried to remain the pillar of his group. Such a boy would grow up to be a fine man.

"What do I want? I told you, I want your cooperation. Both of us will benefit a long way if we help each other. You help me, I help you."
"But you two are BSing in it."
Well, I'm serious. That means one of us or none of us is BSing this.

"Why us?" I ask.
"You need not know. The only thing you do need to know is that by the end of all of this, you will emerge as better people."
This sure looks like good chaos to me... /sarcasm

Character Name: Fenris "Fear" Toons

Character Race: Terran

Character Base Unit
Fear Assassin- (Note, this tells what they are/do, the rest describe their armor appearance, as such it describes Fernis' armor appearance)
A stealthy being that's greatest weapon is fear. They are armed with deadly weapons and light armor, allowing them to move quickly. Most will work as mercenaries.

The armor is pitch black with small tanks upon their backs, which produce and store their ultimate weapon, Fear Poison. The masks have a single line running across their eyes, the visor differs depending on the person. There are two little circles, each on a cheek, that have openings, they are the air filters, and are the only things that can block fear poison from entering their air supply, as everything else does not notice it. On the top there are slight frills, simply their for decoration.

Along the arms there are small circular bulges, they simply feed Fear Poison from their reserves to their Fear Strikers, their primary attack weapon. On the front there is some sort of design, and with many they share the same design as a tattoo across their chests.

Character Armaments:
Fear Strikers-
Dual wielded wrist blades, each gauntlet having twin sharp and serrated blades that reach out to the length of thirty centimeters. They are made of an extremely durable material and in the center there is a hollow tube for poison to pass through the tip. The poison most often used is Fear Poison. It's appearance is like that of a Yautja wrist blade.

Mayhem Blasters-
Dual-wielded SMG's, firing at extremely rapid fire with large magazines and small bullets. They are not quite as powerful as your standard sub-machine gun. They are easily reloaded and extremely accurate. They make little to no sound. They are pitch black with intricate green designs across them.

Character Abilities
Panicking Air-
Fear Poison is released into the air, causing anyone who breathes it to start to experience hallucinations of their greatest fears, making them incapable of fighting, and often run for their lives. It's effects are not as long lasted as direct liquid injected into the blood stream, but it is very useful against large swarms of opponents.

Character Physical Appearance-
A medium physique of muscle, and scar covered body. Covering his hands and arms from countless experiments, as well as burn marks that never faded. His face shares the same type of punishment. On his chest there is a dark ink tattoo of a screaming skull, embedded on its forehead is the word Pavor, Latin for terror, fear, panic, and other words. He towers above most humans at 6' 8" and has a bald head. His irises are a very deep brown. He is in his mid-forties, and looks it.

Character Backstory-
Fenris always had made people feel uneasy from his threatening size and just the aura of general wrongness and fear about him, though he would never harm a thing. Throughout his life he was a loner, as people just didn't like him. He went on with an amazing education, having skipped a grade once or twice.

Fenris has a doctorate in Chemistry, and a masters in engineering. He spent about five years in the military, which was enough to pay off his debt. He then moved onto, well, a job as a chemist. He was testing different compounds all the time, and as a hobby he would tinker with this and that, and created his Fear Strikers, which were simply called wrist blades at the time, as they had no purpose.

Fenris was the one who created the Fear Poison, an accidental thing created, a compound consisting of several gasses found within almost all atmospheres. He kept this to himself, fearful of what would be done with it if the Dominion found out.

In his mid-thirties he settled down with a wife and had a single child. A girl. She was an intelligent girl, just like her father, and had an appearance similar to her mother. When she was seven years old the Dominion took her, as she was Psionic. A year later Fenris' wife passed away from a mixture of grief and disease. This was when Fenris became the first Fear Assassin.

He continued working, and created his own armor, and he named his wrist blades to Fear Strikers, and added the adjustment of the hollowed out interior and edited them so they would be able to connect to the suit's poison supplies. When he reached the age of thirty-nine he made his first strike, his military experience helping him. He was able to sneak through a Dominion government facility, and incapacitating all the guards with the Fear Poison. When Fenris reached the Dominion official he plunged a Fear Striker into the heart of the official, and fled, working as a mercenary.

Eventually people came to him as pupils. He taught them techniques, and he taught them to construct their own weapons and armor. He trained the first five, and then they trained more, who also trained more, and it continued that way. Fenris now has come to this planet. His need for money great, and this would provide it.

"Knarled, would a custom race be allowed? You can trust me not to overpower the character."
So he's basically Scarecrow?
"I didn't think of it that way, but I suppose he does have the fear effects. But he is an actually fighter, rather than just some corrupt lawyer with a special kind of drug. And he has a reason to hate the Dominion and go up against them. He is not corrupt."

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