Zergling and Zealot 2 Episode 2 Part 1

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Oh I do not underestimate you in the least, my dear Zarkun...

I just know that I have had people fight me, and I win them out on the sheer fact that I can take more hits than them.
Being slightly masochistic also helps during fights... hehe... a laugh while punches are being thrown are always good for waging and underlying psychological conflict...
I just noticed... I don't have a true persona like everyone else... Not like SB at the very least... I wonder how nice it would be to have one...


I'm bored. :\
I...don't really know what happens when I fight. The few fights I got into in school, I blacked out. Got the details from my friends who watched.
I've never gotten into a fight in my life, I think... not a real one. But oh, how I have wanted to.
Oh no, I remember my violence very clearly. ^^
I don't aim to kill, I aim to make the other submit, to push them to the brink... hehe... the pain will only hurt when I'm not in the phase.
I get so violent sometimes~
I never got in a fight in my life. :\
But according to others, I would probably be like a sleeping beast. Calm and gentle and then I'll just snap and beat the !@#$ out of someone.
"When I expect pain that isn't extreme, I laugh when it is inflicted on me. I also like when people are in pain. However, my endurance and strength are very little, along with my agility. As such, I would lose in a fight, badly."
My Reaper is bunking with a bunch of sadists... good to know?
I had very few fights in my lifetime. I can only remember two of them, only because one of the fights I ended up getting my fellow student to the hospital (Funnily enough, we are friends now), and the other one some girl and her posse were trying to pick a fight with me, which resulted in a broken nose and a lot of bruises for me and their head hound.
"You need not know. The only thing you do need to know is that by the end of all of this, you will emerge as better people."

I looked intently at this person's eyes. It was hard to tell what he was thinking. The face was neutral, yet something told me there was a subtle hint of evil layered underneath that blank expression.

"Why would we help you if you won't tell us what you want?"
"Knarled, would a custom race be allowed? You can trust me not to overpower the character."

Reccomendation: Do not trust organism ShadowFury.

Shut up. OK, I'll give you a shot at it. Betray me and I'll collect your essence.

a laugh while punches are being thrown are always good for waging and underlying psychological conflict...

Oh yes.


IT looks like now would be an opportune time to start this off. I will post a nice starter momentarily.
You sit in the City Hall of the Z&Z town. The Mayor, looking rather nervous, sits behind his desk.

"Welcome, friends. I have asked you all here for a specific purpose."

He gets up and starts pacing.

"A school bus full of innocent middle schoolers has been attacked. All of the passengers are gone. THere are no signs of a struggle. We have no idea who could have done this. It could be Dark Templar. Frankly, we are helpless to save these poor kids."

He looks at you.

"THAT is why I asked you here tonight. You are some of the best mercenaries, adventurers, and crusaders in the Sector. I want you to find these kids and bring them home safe. Apprehend the kidnapper, too. If they're injured, or dead..."

He sits, a grim expression on his face.

"As Mayor, I am obliged to ask you to bring the kidnapper in to stand trial. But if I wasn't... well, let's just say people who kill kids... well, you know what I mean."

He looks up.

"If you agree to help, you will all be payed liberally, of course. I'll give everyone who helps 25,000 credits, and 10,000 to be split amongst you for each child that returns to his or her family intact. And of course, a 500,000 credit reward for the kidnapper. It's up to you, gentlemen... and ladies."

You do not have to help. Smylez and Supaflyz will be sub-DMs for this sub-plot only.
I turn and walk out of the City Hall, my mind already made up. People who had the capacity to hurt children were pathetic and didn't deserve to live. But, the Mayor had his obligations and for that reason I would bring him in alive if I could. My rapier at my side, I set out to where the bus was, deciding to use it as a place to start my search.
Fenris nods as he exits. His tracking skills are not supreme, but he can track. He would drag the kidnapper upon the steps of the courthouse, cuts across his body and rambling whatever he had hallucinated.
I'll join this... can't come up with a character though.
I nod, and take a step out of the hall. I didn't like to have to kill someone without a fair and even fight, but some things went beyond the sense of honor and fairness. Kidnapping people was something I was used to observing, but kidnapping children went a step too far. I walk out to the street, finding my anti-grav bike, and get on it. I take a moment to decide where to start, and decide to go investigate the site of the kidnapping itself.
Forgot to put in my app for this...


Name: Ceas

Race: Protoss Automaton

Base Unit: Sentry, Disruptor (development Sentry)

Weapons: Ion Beam, Disintegration Field Projector

Ability: Repulsion Field - Projects a field from Ceas' central orb, pushing away objects that it comes into contact with.

Appearance: A slightly smaller than normal Sentry, with thinner wings and a tail resembling a longer version of a Disruptor's. (Disruptor: http://images.wikia.com/starcraft/images/4/46/Nullifier_SC2_rend2.jpg)

Backstory: Created by the Akilae Protoss to work with Terrans, was upgraded from the standard model to full sentience and given advanced equipment. Originally worked alongside Ceneris in research and development, now a student in the PanKoprulu Academy, a combat school for all races and species. Was given the Ascension, an advanced Scout prototype and the last of its kind by Ceneris following his mysterious disappearance while investigating a damaged Xel'Naga Worldship.
Orsay Dian, Salvation
Modified Terran
Character Base Unit(s). Ghost, Banshee (Not really the vehicle. Just more for the looks of the person in terms of etc. Don't copy and paste this part in parentheses though. And the Ghost isn't very psionic. In fact... it's like a low level. Just enough for a kick but that's about it.)
Character Armaments. Magnetized Pistol, L-71 "Demolisher" Gravity Manipulation Hammer
Character Abilities. Drug Defense -- Due to a constant use of drugs or in some form of being high. Orsay gains an immunity against the negative properties of drugs and is better resistant against poisons. While she has an increased endurance whenever she becomes high.
Character Physical Appearance. 5' 7" but powerful muscles. Hair is of dark brown with auburn and is usually in the hairstyle known as "bun". Eyes are of a rich gold with flecks of green and brown. A mask is almost always on as it covers her face except for her eyes and the top part of her face. Scars from experiments which are just starting to heal after so long.
Character Backstory. Killed parents at early age by shutting down their bodies via psionics. Low, but effective. Hiding and hiding as this little girl ran away at the age of six. Growing and growing. Killing animals for foods and scavenging trash from the streets of any of the settlements while harvesting bushes for any edible fruit leaves. Learning to trust no one as a family went missing... Orsay killed them. Later in her life she was caught and sent to an Insane Asylum as she snapped a couple years before that. Killing more. A sadist when you see one. But only when she's... high. Orsay doesn't know what makes her high. Maybe it's blood? Maybe it's fears? Hell... maybe it could be dreams. Ah... blood curdling dreams. Then again... maybe it's the insanity?

IC: "Ring around the rosy. Pockets full of posies..." Orsay chanted and chanted while in a straightjacket. Laughing manically whenever someone came walking by. They would leave quickly as this sixteen year old girl chanted and chanted.

[Two Years Later]

Blood dripped everywhere from Orsay's body. From head to toes. The straightjacket shredded to pieces as she had used something to cut the straps off. Lights flickering on and off. A maddened look in her eyes as she broke out into another tune... "They are all going to die. As I go to my mind. A lovely looking me as I tear them apart!"

[Five Months Later]

Orsay was looking around a corner with that mad look she always had now. The hammer on her back aching to be used as she pulled the pistol back.
"You need not know. The only thing you do need to know is that by the end of all of this, you will emerge as better people."

"You can't expect us to cooperate!"
Having rented a bike, I arrive at the scene roughly an hour after the briefing, stopping and looking at it from a distance. From here, nothing was visible except the bus had just stopped. Perhaps the bus was sabotaged... Climbing off the bike, I approach the bus, a hand on my rapier.

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