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Still a working progress. Have never used the full features of StarCraft 2 editor before. More ideas and changes for units.


Units don't regenerate or heal, but when a unit dies it heals the other units around it.

Hybrid unit (Hybrid Archon): When enemy unit is under 75HP, the Archon possesses (Takes control of) enemy unit, healing the units HP and adding it own HP/Max HP to unit. Can possess friendly unit adding archon's own HP/Max HP to unit. When unit dies archon die with it.

Ground unit able to grab a flying unit out of sky so ground only attack units can attack it. AKA Reverse Gravitation beam.
Good idea! We'll consider including them in Warcraft IV.

We? Oh cool so your one of the game designers and/or project design managers. Good job.
2/3 done
I can't wait for it to be finished! This sounds really cool.
04/11/2013 04:20 PMPosted by Raver
The only way the hybrid race would be balanced is if they are like Protoss in that they favor quality over quantity except to an even greater extreme. It would be very interesting if they were added in as a race for LotV to compensate for no new extra units being added to each race.

Which would make them a less usable and mechanically skillful and demanding race.
SC2, even custom maps, do not need more races that are like protoss :P
04/11/2013 03:03 PMPosted by YOLOMARINE

If this is campaign only, then I approve. It just wouldn't be balanced for Multiplayer.


Otherwise, I'd enjoy designing a Hybrid race :3

They probably need less structures then most, and they all are either living or robotic. They have a main base, that could make workers that construct buildings. They would have a defensive turret thing that shoots plasma really fast at air and ground. They may either have one production structure that makes everything, or two with one for air and one for ground. They would also have a couple 3 or 4 tech structures.

They don't use workers to build structures, instead their main base sends out tendrils that turn into the structures. The main base has limited range, so you'll need to build more to make structures farther away (they have less health then a normal base, but have an attack to defend with).

So, as for the units.

Hybrid Collector
- May cost 20/0, grants 2 supply. Light Biological. Ground.
- A small worm of energy with a little 4 pronged beak. Slightly smaller then a Feederling from the campaign.
- They would have 10hp/10shlds and deal 2 damage at a .4 cooldown and .1 range AG. They're not very fast, with a movespeed of 1.50.
- Ability: Alternate supply. These units grant supply, but have a limit to their numbers: maximum 450.
- Ability: Mine. these guys are like workers, you can mine minerals/vespene with them.
- Ability: Hop. They can jump up cliffs and at 2 range onto an enemy. The enemy leap has a 5 second cooldown.

Hybrid Shredder
- May cost 50/50, 1 supply. Light Biological. Ground.
- A four armed Hybrid, that has a rapid bladed attack that damages four enemies around him, or if there are less hits a single enemy with multiple arms. About the size of a Stalker.
- They would have 80hp/40shlds and deal 15 damage with each arm at a 1.75 cooldown and .5 range AG. They're semi-fast, with a movespeed of 2.30.

Hybrid Blaster
- May cost 50/250, 2 supply. Armored Biological Psionic. Ground.
- A creature with 7 detached legs supporting the floating body and a floating crystal in front. Slightly larger then a Stalker. Attacks by blasting with the crystal, hitting instantly like a Marine.
- They would have 20hp/60shlds and deal 3 (+4 armored) damage at a .6 cooldown and 6 range AA/AG. They're pretty fast, with a movespeed of 3.60.
- Ability: Splatter. Attacks deal 100% splash damage in a radius of 1 for 5 seconds with a 30 second cooldown.

Hybrid Ravager
- May cost 175/125, 2 supply. Armored Biological Psionic. Ground.
- A squidlike creature with jaws at front and 3 tentacles with blades at the end. Slightly longer then a Siege Tank and thinner. Attacks by rearing up its tentacles and swinging them forward to hit their enemy.
- They would have 200hp/1armr and deal 35 damage at a 3 cooldown and 4 range AG. They're semi-slow, with a movespeed of 1.75.

Hybrid Reaver
- May cost 250/550, 4 supply. Armored Biological Psionic Massive. Ground.
- Looks like the Zerg Hybrid from the campaign. Attacks deal splash damage like an Ultralisk.
- They would have 1000hp/3armr and deal 20 (x2) splash damage at a 1 cooldown and 1 range AG. They're semi-fast, with a movespeed of 2.81.

Hybrid Destroyer
- May cost 500/300, 4 supply. Armored Biological Psionic. Ground.
- Looks like the Protoss Hybrid from the campaign.
- They would have 500hp/100shlds/2armr with 200 energy and deal 25 damage at a 1.7 cooldown and 8 range AA/AG. They're semi-fast, with a movespeed of 2.30.
- Ability: Psi Storm. Works like the high Templar variant.
- Passive: Detector. They can detect cloaked units.

Hybrid Harpy
- May cost 150/100, 1 supply. Light Biological. Flying.
- Looks like the Kakaru critter from SC1, but with no neck or eyes and have sharp teeth and claws on their wings.
- They would have 150hp/1armr and deal 8 damage at a .7 cooldown and .5 range AA. They're really fast, with a movespeed of 5.
- Ability: Tackle. Hits a non-massive air unit and drags it to the ground and stunning it while attacking it. Both are attackable by ground units in the process. Cooldown of 30 seconds after spell ends.

Hybrid Phantom
- May cost 200/500, 3 supply. Armored Biological Psionic. Flying.
- Looks similar to a legless Protoss with a disk behind it and floating claws and 4 arms.
- They would have 100hp/250shlds/2armr and deal 5 (+2 armored) (x4) damage at a 2 cooldown and 5 range AA/AG. They're semi-fast, with a movespeed of 2.50.
- Ability: Psi-Beam. Charges up for 3 seconds and fires a large beam of energy at an enemy unit at 10 range. All units between the target unit on the same level as the targeted unit will take 40 damage. Each unit can do this once.

Hybrid Annihilator
- May cost 1500/1500, 8 supply. Armored Biological Psionic Massive. Flying.
- Looks like a large, long, spikier Halo Elite skull, but more toothy. Floating in the sky with a large cloud of energy around it. With large, 3 fingered, clawed, dark hands floating beneath it. With a large floating tail behind it. It's hard to explain.
- They would have 200hp/3200shlds/4armr and deal 150 damage (+50 armored) at a 3 cooldown and 8 range AA. They're slow, with a movespeed of 1.10.
- Ability: Hands. The Annihilator has 2 Hands that it can build. Upon creation it starts with 2, but if lost can reconstruct them. The Hands will attack ground enemies up to 4 range away from the Annihilator.

Annihilator Hand
- May cost 100/100, 0 supply. Armored Biological. Flying.
- It's the 3 fingered clawed dark hand of the Hybrid Annihilator.
- They would have 150hp/100shlds/1armr and deal 20 damage at 1 cooldown and .5 range AG. They follow their Annihilator.
- Ability: Carry. Each hand can carry up to 4 supply of units (no Collectors). May unload everything instantly at a destination up to 4 range away from the target. While carrying units the Hand may not attack.
This is mod/arcade/multiplayer
All units are Biological and Psionic, but other than that each one varies.

Workers can only build two structures the base and Supply, but supply-buildings morph into tech-buildings .

Your units are very interesting, but I am unable to make actors for each unit yet. So I use existing actors in campaign that are not seen in Multiplayer. Your unit also do not seem very balanced verses zerg/terran/protoss units (too weak, too strong, Over powered for cost, under power for cost). Try finding the average of comparable units in each race, based on cost, damage, attack speed, and max life.
Very close now, need to work on buildings morphs, tech-tree requirement, and upgrades.

I plan to finish before Blizz-con.

Also plan to announce game mod with the help of huskystarcraft on youtube.
This race would be totally OP.

Are you crazy, man?
This race would be totally OP.

Are you crazy, man?

Like a Fox. (RIP Leslie Nielsen)

But for real, I will try my best to make sure race is balanced.
Sounds a bit like night elf from warcraft 3
niceee ! Cant wait for it !
OK, Game is done, but I have a problem.

When my building morph from one build to the next, it becomes the new building but "looks" the same as first building.

Any advise?

I am using the "lurker den morph" now. Tried the "Drone morph structure" error, and "Larva Morph" Error or works for only one building.
sounds fun! hope you can fix ur problem soon
that... took like 6 months o.0
very excited to help balance test it tho.
Game is done and ready to play.
Tags: Immortal, Immortal's, Hybrid, 4th, Race
Names: "Hybrid Lava Flow" and "Hybrid Whirlwind"

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