AMD A10-5800K/AMD Radeon HD 7660 Performance

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Hey Guys!

I am planing to build a budget PC and was considering this APU simply because I have heard that its integrated graphics solution is the best in the market at this moment. I was wondering if anyone who owns it can tell me how well this APU performs in SC2:HOTS.

My Questions
1) Can this APU play SC2:HOTS at high settings with a 1600x900 resolution?
2) How well is Hybrid Crossfire with a AMD Radeon HD 6670?
3) How well does the graphics core overclock?

What I know
1) This APU is significantly faster when installed with higher MHz Ram (i.e. 1866)
2) Its CPU performance is better then the AMD Phenom II X4 965 and slightly worse then a i3-3220/3235
2) The AMD Radeon HD 7660 destroys Intel's HD 4000

So there you go, I know some facts about this APU but I am really critical about how well does it play SC2:HOTS. I don't mind paying a bit extra for a HD 6670 if its Hybrid Crossfire Performance can handle SC2:HOTS in Ultra in 1600x900. I will eventually get a solid GPU such as the AMD 7870 or perhaps an 8 series when it comes out. Thanks for the help guys! Cheers!
Got to ask why dont you spend more now on a better CPU and GPU? Honestly it would be better in the long run. An HD 6850 is only with rebates like 40 bucks more and far superior to anything you have listen there.

They're so cheap I'm thinking of getting a second one to run in Crossfire.
Check this link out:

Shows 82.7fps 1680x1050 resolution with medium settings. I think it should play on high just fine, not sure about ultra or extreme settings.

How much is that system by the way?
Yes it will play sc2 on medium settings with plenty of room to spare. High settings might lag a little in big battles.
Please please don't do this to yourself. The motherboard that houses these apu's are made in such a way that you will not being to socket any other type of AMD processor. One of AMD's best qualities is that they are really great about allowing backwards compatibility so that you won't have to buy a new motherboard if you want to upgrade your processor. Why not get a regular am3+ socket board and be set for a long time.
i use this APU to play at 1680x1050 with Anti Alias on all High Settings (except post processing, theres only low, medium and ultra, and i use Medium for that one)
and it runs great... 30-55fps (depending on 1v1-4v4) but it doesnt lag even on large battles even it does dip to 20 on the largest.. but nothing that would cause game to skip.

this compared to A6s running only 720p with no anti alias at 20-40fps and lags with lots of voids or colossus.

A10 5800K is real good for SC2... the Richland one uses less power and has same specs otherwise if yo ustill havent purchased anything.

I'm considering pairing it with a Radeon 6670 to "Dual Graphics" it with the APU so i can run open world games like GTA 4/5 better just for fun... but it runs GTA 4 fine (though that game doesnt use AA unless u force it and if u force it it will lag on GTA 4 with AA forced) but oh well... this is SC2!
No. Don't get the 5800k. It's OK, but here is a far better deal...

The link below goes to the AMD 760k quad core CPU, which is [b]also an FM2[/b] socket CPU, so it will work on the same motherboard as the 5800k, but you might need to update the BIOS.

The difference is that the 760k is the Richland 6800 without the integrated graphics. It's CPU performance is better out of the box than the 5800k. It also puts off less heat and overclocks like a horse on steroids with manageable temps. It also comes to market at an amazing value of $90!!!

Buy the 760k and spend the saved money on a better GPU. This will yield the best performance.

Here is a one of the best valued GPUs on the market.

Or a less expensive, but still great deal.

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