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Well the above states it fairly well, I've been playing starcraft on and off for the 15 years that the game has been out. I'm looking for a group, clan, corp, what ever that has people that share my desire to have fun with the game. I'm not looking for a group of Rage maniacs that yell and curse over comms when stuff doesn't go their way. In a nut shell looking to have some fun, play around and hopefully meet some new interesting people.

About me
+ I'm a 30+ year old, gold league run of the mill player looking for other people that share my outlook on games. Fun not rage.
+I like logging on to comms, and chatting it up but the comms needs to be fairly kid friendly, my kids have computers in my computer room and while the occasional bit of profanity is ok. Profanity laced tirades and rants are not my cup of tea.
+ I'm a teacher, so i deal with middle school and high school kids all day. So if your clan has a pretty juvenile attitude towards most stuff then i'm probably not a good fit
+ I'm helpful and i'm pretty decent at helping and explaining things to others, and i can be a helpful member of your community.

So for a TLDR
Old guy looking for clan, or other old folks to chat it up and enjoy starcraft with. Must be a fun group that has fun playing internet army commander games.

Thanks for reading

I'm not sure that we meet all your criteria, but you should check us out at teamelitestarcraft.weebly.com. I would ASSUME that we are about as close to what you're looking for as you're going to find.
Currently, we have a PhD student who teaches college undergraduates (This guy), a middle school teacher (cool huh?), a student who is finishing his nursing degree, a guy serving our country in Afghanistan, a couple guys out of school working, and some guys still approaching 20.
Although we DO have players of all ages from 16-30, we do NOT have a juvenile atmosphere. In fact, one of the three players under 18 is one of the players I enjoy laddering with the most, as he is wise and mature beyond his years. All of our players, regardless of age, display no detrimental attitude or behavior as of yet. Although this is probably inevitable, we have been very lucky up to this point. Our membership sits at 60, which is large enough to provide a unique and deep community experience, but small enough to maintain identity.
In any event, check us out at the website. I would think we would be a good fit. Although we don't make anything mandatory, including a communication client, most of our players use skype. If you decide you'd like to join, you can do that by clicking the "Join Us" tab on our website, or by contacting me in-game (Character code 651). If you have any other questions, you can contact us at teamelitestarcraft@gmail.com. Best of luck!
Let me know if you find something good, Chemosk. I'm in a similar situation myself: I have been playing for around 15 years. Now I find myself in my 30s and somewhat alienated by the college-ish culture surrounding the game.
Yeah, it's always great to be playing with folks who are mature about their games. It's a bit annoying to have to play with folks who rage on about a loss or something like that. It's too rare to find a clan that is family friendly these days, sure they are out there, but you'd have to look hard for it.

Luckily, we have a community that is just like what you described. The Art of Warfare community is respectful of our members, mature in and out of game, and definitely willing to help out any players who may need it. We have a Teamspeak server and a well-administered website, filled with people who know a game is just a game. The TAW community is 2400 strong, but our SCII unit for N. America is hovering around 60 members. We generally have folks on TS from early afternoon to late night (NA side)...but the EU folks are on TS in the morning, so you won't feel alone if you get online in the early hours.

We have guys/girls from Bronze to Masters who will help you out if you need it. Our TS server is very family friendly, and cursing is quite limited (although one could slip out in the heat of the moment) by our dedicated officers. We're a fun group of people, just looking to play games and socialize with other gamers.

We got folks on our SCII unit who are well in their late 20s to mid 40s, so the age range is quite large. Still, many of our members hover around the 17 to 25 range, but we made sure they are mature enough to be in the clan.

We have a "meeting" every Tuesday night, with a Friday/Sunday optionals. But we know folks have a life outside of games, so the attendance is very flexible. If we seem to fit you, head to our site and hit that "Join Now" button and get started !

Website: taw.net
In-game group: The Art of Warfare Community
You may be interested in a group I am in called Clan KIP. We were founded as a fairly small BW clan in 1999 and we have persisted through warcraft 3 and on in to starcraft 2. We don't have a lot of members but we are all good people. Most of us have been with the clan for several years. I've personally been a member for at least 7 or 8 years. Our ages range from late teens to mid/late 30's. We like to practice and try to improve and perform our best, but we are not one of those hardcore competitive clans with a formal power hierarchy. We are more of a social group who like to have fun and game with good people.

Feel free to message me in game if you want more information on how to join us.

P.S. Clan KIP stands for Knowledge is Power.

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