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The Confederation aims to be one of the most Stout, yet Respectful, Organized, and Fun Clans has to offer. We will be hosting Tournaments with Prizes, fun events, and more.

Listen, there are A LOT of other Clans out there. However, you will find NO other Clan that is as professional, or organized, as The Confederation.

Our Clan has been around since the beginning of starting with Diablo 1. That makes our Clan 17 years old. During the peak of The Confederation (StarCraft Brood War) the Clan had in excess of 500 active members. Not only was The Confederation one of the largest Clans on, It was by far one of the most respected Clans on

We offer a dedicated TeamSpeak 3 Server a legit website, active forums, and a Pro-Gaming Team.

I think a lot of people are familiar with the name HuK. Believe it or not, HuK was in The Confederation during Starcraft Brood War, and the beginning of Wings of Liberty.

If you're interested in joining please visit our website and click "Contact Us" and someone will be with you as soon as possible.


Don't let all these other Clans fool you.

Thank you.

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