[DKOA] Divine Kings of Arcadia recruiting

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[DKOA] is a new clan that is recruiting. We are recruiting for players that want to get better at the game. As of right now we are not looking for clan matches. We are aiming at lower leagues for now from bronze, silver, and gold players for now that want to get better at a game we all love. We will have bronze, silver, and gold league tournaments even for people outside of the clan to join as well. The tournaments are free and only for some ride on winning, so no money. This will be good for people that wants to get in competitive gaming some and you can slowly get out of the stress and nervousness as well. Any one platinum and higher can join clan as well and be a coach, but the coaching has to be for free I am too poor to pay. :) The ones that join the clan will have to play at least 4 days a week. There is a website it is called:
http://dkoagaming.enjin.com/ We are a multiple gaming clan so feel free to check out other games we are trying to make clans for. The clan must use a voice chat client. It is between Mumble and Raidcall for now.
We are planning on having bronze league tournaments, Silver league tournaments, and gold league tournaments. So join the site and also maybe join the clan.

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