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A friend of mine has SC II with the expansion on his PC. I have a Mac and I have my game code to upgrade to HotS. Is it possible for me to get the game files from the PC, put them on my Mac, and run Repair or something to get it to work? I only ask because the internet I have right now would take to long to download the game (4-6 days probably). Thanks.
Install HotS on your Mac, close the launcher, copy the Campaigns and Mods folder from his PC to your Mac, and download the rest.
Hello, LoneSoldier!

Try downloading the mac game client - which should only take less than an hour. Then install & update it. It will take some time, but not more than 3 hours at the most.

To do this, go to your account, and find the version of starcraft you'd like to download in your purchased games list. You will be able to download the mac version. If you don't see it right away, click on the more downloads link below the main download button.

Duke, Volunteer Tech Support

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