Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIV

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wait 3 days i got it. didn't read the rest of the previous thread
{{So... she's annoyed and now I have a terrible headache because of something so stupid...}}


{This is different from meditating... I see more... much more. And I want to know... If there is something in my life that I can save and never be lonely...} Soft crying could be heard and I was sorry for how I reacted but it was important to me. The ship following Zack's. {Okay...} Then there was a word that just felt right and I said it... not even realizing it. {... Father...}

OOC: Darkra, if you and Mecha ever read... it clearly says three days. That's a big difference than one.
{{In her defense it wasn't her fault they hit the alarm.}}

I don't respond, now focused on making sure the coordinates were still good. Once I'd confirmed they were through multiple sources, I transmitted them to Cynthia with a message to meet me there. As I flew, my Wraith seemed to vanish into a fold in space, indicating that I'd jumped to warp space.
{{Yeah... but still annoying...}}


I begin to punch in the coordinates fairly quickly. What Zack is showing me must be important... Or he is just trying to do his best to help me. Whatever the case... If I don't follow. He'll do something. If I do follow... he'll tell me something still. It was an annoying game but I was forced into playing it... Something called Choices and Paths... Very, very annoying.

In a few seconds I popped up at the location. Waiting...
I run a hand across the side of Dani's face to try to ease her subconscious.

"Rest easy you have no reason to fear anything. I am here."

Upon waking and going through my morning routine I meditate on tomorrows tournament focusing on which skills I will need to use most to better my chances of succeeding in battle.

Dani stirs. "No, please, don't do that . . . Ungh . . . OW!" She bolts upright, her nightmare having gotten to her. She looks about, scared, then remembers herself and grabs Flint in a death-grip hug.
IC: I enter the training room, going through my regular drills with my rifle before going into the bot sparring room. Incinerating them with bolts of electricity i feel more awake than i have for the past 2 days. My foot comes up to kick a bot in the face burying its head into the wall
I wince slightly as I adjust my form to better endure the tight grip. "I didn't mean to startle you Dani... Are you ok?""

Dani nods. "Better, now. Did I pass inspection?" She holds Flint at arm's length, allowing him to notice that her left shoulder pad- which she, like every other CSAA member, had had this whole time- is cracked irreparably.
"He only found the rescanner aside from that nothing else. What happened to your shoulder pad?" I nod towards her left arm.
I take a walk toward the Firing Range, my thoughts clouded with excitement and curiosity. When I arrive, I draw my rifle and fire in short bursts.

In the Gym, I stretch out, trying to remember most of my training before I was infested. I hadn't used most of it in a while, relying more on the infested parts of me to keep me alive.

Dani snaps her fingers. "Damn. The Rescanner was really cool." She sighs. "Shadow's dimension-hopping, that's what. He went into some universe where creatures are kept in baseballs or something like that. About fifty of the damned things followed him back, and I had to subdue one alone. Tough bastard."
I shake my head slightly. "I figured he would be more careful with that dimension hopping. Anyway, the inspector also found your memory revisiter. He didn't get a chance to look at what you have on it I made sure of that. Prick was clumsy and reckless in his searching. Oughta have Natalie in maintenance alter him so he can't use his ability anymore." I sigh slightly. "Guess that wouldn't work either because she would be affected by him as well."

Dani shrugs. "To be fair, he told everyone that that portal was unstable. Weirdest thing, though: he said fifty creatures came back with him, but we can only account for forty-seven." Dani shakes her head. "Definitely not Natalie. She's got even more of a crush on him than women do normally. I don't get it."

After a few minutes of waiting, my Wraith comes out of warp space, hovering over a jungle planet with small, but noticeable, patches of creep on the surface. {Welcome to Traxan II, the only place you'll find f*cked up Zerg and the body of a slain Overmind. Here you'll be able to return to your visions in peace.}
{Shir, reporting in. Need something?} Shir spoke softly into his radio, preparing his armor, and sliding into it as he finished polishing it.
My ship popped out next to Zack's. Looking at the planet as Zack asked for the impossible. To me it seemed that way. It gave me a heartache almost. And the Zerg inside begged to be released as it felt what was down there. {Zack. I can't just mediate and enter my visions... I have to be... back in the... coma like state. That's the only way I can do it. And I guess I can stay down here... All alone... Never to return. To be in peace and be alone forever or to be in anguish but have company...} I spoke my truth. A sad truth it seemed. I was always more peaceful while alone but equally hurt. Or be in eternal anguish while having company and make the feeling less painful?
{Sorry, Cynth, but remaining here is out of the question. We're here long enough for you to resume your coma like state and finish whatever it was you were seeing. After that, we leave and head back.}
{I don't know how to enter it though... It just happened the last time. I just want to stay in it this time. I don't want to wake back up. I want to stay.} The ship was seen flying past Zack's swiftly at it bore down the atmosphere.
Pushing the thrusters all the way up, I strafe Cynthia's fighter, warning shots just barely missing her. {And what will hiding accomplish, Cynthia? Letting others do the work for you while you take the credit?} A sigh can be heard over the COM. {I don't care if you watch the rest of your visions, but I do care that you suddenly gained a yellow streak down your back.}
IC: i suddenly remembered something about the tournament. I stepped out of the room panting and sweating. I called Serenity on the COM {{hey you got a minute?}}

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