Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIV

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{Maybe I should have specified... He can show up wherever his soul is. So in theory... He can show up in my soul and mind and take it all away. And he wont do that until I do his bidding... I'm a tool for him and we can't really kill a Void Entity. Promise me that when I die... or when my time is about up... free me.} I was becoming more hurried. More rushed almost and about to break down. One thing that made me a person... I had my emotion intact. {Promise me that you'll get to me before it does!} It's a promise that Zack might not be able to keep... but if he does, he'll try.
{I've beat down one Void Entity, one more shouldn't be too hard.}
I start climbing up a rope wall, climbing as quickly as possible to the top.

I reload my rifle, and put it on my back, going off to the Training Room to test myself against the bots.
That's when I smiled. I thought of a plan. {Trick him. Help me. We can subtly get him to wrap around the monstrous part of my soul. Having him yank it out instead and I'll still live... I'll live as a person. I just need to understand how to be a person... Even before all of this. I didn't feel like a person. I just felt like a spoiled living being. Someone who was continually called perfect when I'm not.}
I chuckle, remembering reading all the love Umbra showered on Cynthia rather than her own blood niece, Joan. It had put a rather large gap between the two. {That was Umbra's doing. Cayl treated you as a person, I did and do, just...don't explode on people too much, otherwise you come across as grouchy.} I grin at the joke before continuing. {As for tricking him, why not one more step than that? Trick him into thinking you're dead.}
Hearing the chuckle I smiled. Weakly, but I smiled. {Yeah... But as you can see. It put me into an uncomfortable spotlight before. My own broth-... Korzis was turned against me until he realized what he was doing. And Cayl tried to help... You can see why this could have did something to my childhood in a negative impact and why I... Why I am who I am today.} To die... that's what Zack is thinking of. I had to die... It had to be convincing... {You need to do it without any remorse... You and only you. You know how to do it.}
{{Well ... I get a bit lonely in my ship. I mentioned this once before ... well you know.}} A sigh is heard over the com channel. {{If the teachers OK it ... may I move in with you?}} My voice had a twinge of shyness at the question I had just asked.
I enter the Training hall and go to an empty room I wanted a bit of privacy as I practice.

OOC: just gonna act as if Yoshi (the char) never got assigned a room since he said he was scrapping the char and to act as if he had left or something ...
{It won't exactly be pleasant, and you'd need to exert your will to remain out of the gate.}
IC: Sam left his sim after just a few minutes in it. He couldn't focus right now, for some reason he didn't want to train in combat for the most part he just wanted to work as a medic but knew that his skills of being an assassin shouldn't be wasted. {{Tari you still around?}}
I was just about to start sparing with the bots when Sam called. {{What?!}} I snap annoyed at being interrupted. I take a deep breath to calm down. {{Sorry I was about to start a sparring match with the bots. What do you need?"
{I'll try. No promises... The temptation for peace might become too much and I might walk though. But I'll try. That's all I can do... is try. It's either try or not try at all and I'll try.} Then a sudden though came to mind. A reason why I might behave the way I do... why I have so many problems. {Scientists always said it was a child's childhood that affected their future. How they'll turn out. Maybe it was my childhood... Maybe that's the reason I have the problems I do...}

The ships were breaking the atmosphere as they came close to landing.
Oi, gotta find the hangar first XD

IC: {Wouldn't surprise me. I know my childhood wasn't exactly perfect.} The jungle came into site as we broke through the clouds and I began a sweeping pattern, looking for the old hangar.
{Umbra always thought I was perfect. Always spoiling me and thinking that I an do anything. She was protective as well. Helping me. Getting whatever I wanted... Forcing others to help me or to like me... She even forced someone to love me once...} That was when the truth rang out. My voice broke into a sob as I waited for Zack to bring me in.
IC: {{sure.}} i say yawning {{still a tiny bit tired from the day before yesterday. Literally got no sleep}}
IC: {{Sorry. Just was wondering what you were doing. I'm not really feeling correct. I don't know how to explain it really. I'm sorry I know you need to focus right now honey I'll just head back to medbay.}} Sam radio back before heading to Medbay for some reason he felt more at home being there then anywhere else.
I giggle and shake my head a grin on my face. I was headed back to the hangar. {{Thank you ... and thanks again for ... the other day. I'm sorry if your sleepy but it was nice even though I let my instincts take over ... I still remember all of it. And I am really sorry for the claw marks they should go away in another day or two.}}
{{OK.}} Was all I gave in reply as I close the com line and going into combat mode I leap at the nearest bot bringing my sword around in a downwards arc.

OOC: darkra before you ask YES Dante DOES have claw marks but mostly on his back. his arms and legs may have a few but not nearly as many as his back.
IC: {{The pain was nothing. I don't think you need to consult too much with the teachers for this kind of stuff. Sam moved in with Tari a while ago and i don't think it was that complicated. Oh and you better kick Terrance's @ss}}
IC: Sam reentered medbay and sat back down at his desk. He just wanted to get whatever work he could do done. He needed a real vacation, or to visit the Dominion again. "Well if anything I could use a drink today" Sam says to himself as he leans back in his chair.
Spotting the hole, I notice that the old guard turrets are active and scanning, and I radio Cynthia to cloak her ship. {Odd...this might require some recon first. Want me to knock you out now, or later?}
Shir reached the training room, and began to look around the room, re-calibrating its measurement system. He began to walk towards a wall, stretched out, touched it, then sat down and began to hold his warpblade.

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