Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIV

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The ship was cloaked as it slowly approached. {Later... we should make sure the entire area is safe first. No point in doing anything reckless and if you get overrun...} I made an excellent point and I hoped he heard me when I talked about a bit of my childhood. {I'm coming in with you.}
{{I'll see what I can do Dante.}} I was happy to hear he didn't mind the claw marks.

Aurora was running simulations in her head as she went about what she could do towards upkeep of Celeritas
{{most of all how have you been recovering?}} i ask
I walk out of the Gym and head over to the cafeteria, hungry.

I set the bots up for melee combat, and put my rifle out to the side. I draw my knife and begin to fight them.
{Up to you.} I land in a clearing about 700 yards from the hangar and disembark, my C-30B in hand. {And in case you were wondering, I heard about your childhood. We can talk about it before I knock you out.}
{{Really well I have been dealing with this for many years now. Though I must say you are recovering exceptionally fast.}} I was nearing the Hangar when I caught a whiff of Cayl's scent and somewhat recent.
I land right next to Zack's Wraith. Wanting to be somewhat away from his so I didn't hit it. While walking out I spot the ice forming... "Yeah, I guess we can talk about it. It could be part of the problem... we'll truly never know though." My tomahawk and Void Blade at my sides while my bow was out.
IC: Sam looked around his computer for a bit before sighing. He wanted some type of interaction with anyone at the moment. Sam kept thinking back to Tari talking about him dieing before her. It was really starting to bug him.

OOC: Anyone want a medical check up from sam?
IC: {{how so?}}
I nod silently, my helmet enveloping my head and the mask closing, and cloak, moving towards the hangar. I could remember an old maintenance ladder leading up to the guns. We could use that to reach it. {Use COM only for now. It's quieter.}
{{Well ... I might not know a lot about Terran physiology but I was sort of expecting a much slower recovery from a race that has never had to deal with Estrus before.}} I was following Cayls scent and my repeated sniffing could be heard over the Com. I was also looking around for him but as of yet I hadn't seen him.
Hydrilk began to slither down the halls, loosing his way. He couldn't read maps.
OOC: I'd oblige.. if you don't mind medic'in out a giant zerg...
A frown was made as I silently went toe to toe with Zack's steps. Keeping in step as the only sound came from our feet and even that was barely audible. Before Zack could react. My body was changing. My nose showed two nostrils for increased smelling abilities and a tail for grasping onto something. Claws for climbing and dicing. {I think I'm getting used to changing myself.} Next was my clothing. I had tested something before we even left and before I fell into a coma. My clothing was laced with organic compounds that I could change. And in order to better situate myself for a stealth environment. My suit was skin tight and a hood was on my head. With a small cloak.
IC {{well sometimes i still get.......... urges}} i say
OOC: Go ahead and wander in to medbay just expect sam to be lost for a few moments.

IC: Sam was looking at the medical data base and saw that DANTE needed a basic phsyical. "Lest I'm not the one that has to do it" Sam laughs as he gets a message from the head doctor telling him that Dante was now moved to Sam's duty list.. "You have go to be...."
{{Dante report to medbay I repeat report to medbay as soon as you can}} Sam radios trying to get this over with...
Dante can hear me giggling over the com. {{That is expected though ... it could also just be your own body reacting to stimulus.}} I arrive at Cayl's Ship which is where the scent trail ends. {{Dante I'll call you back later.}} I close the com.
IC: I walk for the medbay, i was relatively close
A loud clank followed by a muffled curse can be heard coming from a Viking/Banshee hybrid. Soon following that my head pops out of a maintenance hatch. "Damn it, now I need a new wrench."

I shake my head. {Cynth, stay human. If we get spotted it'll be bad news for you.}
IC: Sam watched Dante walk into medbay. Sam got up from his desk and motioned Dante to follow him to exam room three. "Well I got good news and bad news for you Dante which one you want first" Sam says as he pulls out the equipment he will need before washing his hands and putting gloves on.
The tail disappeared and the extra nostril was back to being as one. {I'm sorry... I just wanted to... be more effective. Are you afraid that someone is here?} I ask while the claws form back to appear like human fingers.

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