Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIV

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"You OK Cayl?" I ask momentarily forgetting what I had come looking for him for.
Hydrilk slithered down the hallway, getting closer to the medbay, before finally seeing dante go into the door.
IC: "bad news" i say
I nod, dropping out and flipping, landing on my feet. "Yeah, just lost a wrench. Any reason you're looking for me?" I wipe my hands on an oil rag and start reading over the diagnostics again.

{The guns wouldn't be up again otherwise. I didn't turn them on.}
IC: "Its time for your phsyical and I'm going to be the one doing it." Sam says as he cracks his neck. "Please remove your shirt"
"Actually yes. I was wondering if I could move into Dorm 2 with Dante. I already asked him if it was OK with him and he said it was OK."
{Who do you think turned them on?} I asked again. Wanting to know some answers before we snuck our way in.
IC: "yikes" i say, taking off my shirt "good news?"
IC: "The doctors don't want me to use anymore sedatives.. hmm that may also be bad news." Sam says as he starts to check Dante's heart beat and breathing.
IC: "can you be useful and check my back?" i ask
"Hmmmm....well, there's two issues. One, we're attempting to encourage mingling outside of couples, and two, I'm sure you remember a couple days ago."

{Not sure. It's possible the Dominion is moving back in.}
{Then shall we go in and see what's going on?} I ask as we approach the s[pt where Zack is stopping at.
IC: "Yeah yeah" Sam says as he check Dante back. After doing that he looks at Dante. "Seems like you have some muscle strain and a few got torn.. Also a few claw marks.. and I think these are ....teeth.. Someone had fun" Sam says before going to the table and grabing a jar. "Ok I will need a urine sample from you the restroom is two doors down the hall."
"I understand the first issue and ... I've been a bit occupied the last few days so unless you mean Dante and I locking ourselves in my ship and ... there was good reason for that. I'm not really sure what you mean."
IC: i do what Sam tells me and walk back, handing him the jar i say "have fun with my piss"
I nod and signal her to watch my back while I climb up the ladder to the hangar, starting my ascent. {Don't let anything by.}

"The noise specifically."
IC: "Hey I'm doing my Job no reason to get pissy with me Dante.. Btw I've beem meaming to ask you how did you enjoy my gift" Sam asks while motioning Dante to a chair. Once he sat down Same went over to the Table and started to gather a few things.
I gave a nod while I cloaked near the ladder. Pulling an arrow out while signalling Zack to continue.
IC: "i used 2 of the 3 items" i reply
IC: Sam came back to Dante holding a small syringe and sereval vials. "You better have drank what I gave you it cost me a lot"

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