Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIV

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I go red underneath my fur. "Sorry ..." I sigh. "Though mostly mine obviously. I well ... I kind of let myself go for a while. I really need to have a chat with Aurora she said the sound cancelers were working on all frequencies."
IC: "well i didn't drink the wine, Serenity did though. I kinda just gulped down all the red bull"
IC: Sam jabs the syringe into Dante arm after perparing it. "That was champange from earth it cost me a lot of credits and you couldn't have sipped it or something..... I'm in the vein but you're not bleeding.. *sigh* going to have to use a larger gauge on you." He cleans the area again and tries again with the largest gauge they had. This time Dante bleed how Sam needed.
IC: "i don't drink Sam" i say my expression going grim "period"
IC: "You need to live more.. Ok now for the last part take off your pants... and I'm not looking forward to this either." Sam says with a little bit of anger [Time skip here becuase I don't want to go into that part] "Ok Dante I'll get everything off to the lab and will call you once everything is done" He says while washing his hands.. "Also if I was you I would let your umm boys rest for awhile they seem overly taxed"
iC: "you will not speak of this, you will not think of this, none of this ever happened" i say as i walk out of the medbay. Slightly peeved. I returned to my door and laid down on my bed, deciding to get some R and R

OOC: not feeling well today gonna call it in early
The defiler peers around the corner, momentarily changing its eye's colors, then reverts back to its usual dark lead. An image of a female terran appeared. "Cafe?" It spoke, with a strange voice.
IC: Sam washed his hands for awhile trying to forget this event in his life. He returned to his desk and checked to see if any other orders came in. Sam looked up at the creature that came into his office. "You smell like zerg... Don't try to fool me.. Now show me your true form then ask me." Sam says with an annoyed tone to his voice
Reaching the top, I unsling my rifle as I take a knee, sweeping the area. {Come on up.}

"Mind explaining the exact reason?"
I begin the ascent up the ladder. Shouldering my bow as the climb was easy. It didn't take long as I was quick going up. {I'm up.}
"Yes I do mind but ... I might as well not try to keep it secret anymore." I take a deep breath as I psych myself up. "I was going through Estrus and Dante was kind enough to ... help." There was a deep crimson visible under my fur.
IC: A new message pops on Sam's computer reading that Jen needed a standered check up and some blood work also. {{Jen report to medbay Jen report to medbay}} He radios to Jen
I nod and move forward, looking for signs of movement. Soon enough two guards walk by the open loading door, SMGs in hand and pistols on their hips, a PMC logo on their shoulders. {So they aren't Dominion...}

I nod, my face showing appreciation for her honesty. "Thanks for being honest. I'll get things set up with Shade and you should be cleared by the end of the day."
Jen: I wonder why I had to go to the medbay as I reached it, I bit nervous as I did not know why I had been called in.
An arrow was pulled back as it was aimed at one of the guards. {Should I make teh shot while you take out the other one or should we see where they go?}
The defiler slithered out, plates of hide rustling on its back. A protoss appeared, psionicly. "What? Hide?" the mirage said, fading away.
I nod. "Your welcome and thanks." I was still crimson under my fur as I turn and start towards the Cafeteria. I was hungry and that took some precedence over a vendetta with Aurora.
IC: "I've seen to much around here to be fooled by a zerg or zerg like creature.... Now what did you want?" Sam says becoming more annoyed. He then looks over at Jen "I haven't had trainning for this yet." Sam mutters to himself.. "Umm jen I just need to get a quick blood sample from you"
{Negative on both, I know where their leader will be.} I wait until they're clear then head through the door, taking a left by memory.

Chuckling to myself and remembering my own youth, I call Shade and begin arranging things.

OOC: Don't RP that bit CR.
"Wait, needles?!" I say fear spiking through my voice.

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