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TvT - 13 gas 4 marine 2 widow mine drop expand into bio tanks
TvP - 12 gas reaper reactor expand and I add a 2nd rax/ebay into medievacs etc
TvZ - 2 reapers expand into 4 hellions workers agressions + add 2 rax +push bio with 2 medi 6 widow mines mass marines and 1-2 marauders

I would personally make the Reaper before the Reactor, just because the opponent will have less combat units out at that point.
TvT- 12 rax, 12 gas, 14 rax double reaper>reactor+techlab(combat shield) into expand
TvP- 15 gas reactor marine/widow/medivac>starport either defend or go do drops depending on scouting.
TvZ- either johns 2 base hellion/marine/marauder push, or 12 rax, 12 gas, double reaper into reactor hellion + 3rd CC +3 rax + 2 engi bays so basically bio, ive been wanting to try out a mech build but haven't found one that i like.
TvT - 12 Rax 12 Gas reaper harass into Reactor expand. Fast Tanks into Marine-Tank or, if I scout straight bio, into mech.
TvP - 12 rax 12 gas reaper/reactor expand. Fast factory for WM for oracles; mass upgrades, 10 minute push, standard stuffs.
TvZ - 12 rax 12 gas. Reaper expand into Reaper-Hellion contain/push into Bio-Hellbat off of a fast third and mass upgrades.
11 gas, 13 baracks > banshee, 3 marines, CC > stim > 2 more raxes

In base CC first into 3 rax bio, super conservative style

CC first into hellions into 3rd CC, 2 ebays, stim and more raxes then widow mines.. taeja build

boring xd

TVT i open with 12rax/gas >reaper reactor when reaper finishes expo through down ether 3 factories with 2tech labs 1 reactor and go Hellbat thor +vikings or through down 3-4 rax and a factory and get a starport up asap for drop play based on what my reaper sees

TVP 2rax 1reactor 1 tech lab >expo >+1 timing covering an expo with a drop in his main at the same time >8 barracks 1factory with widow mines and 2-3 starports 1 with reactor 2 with tech labs (i like ravens)

TVZ 12rax/gas reaper the reactor drop another barracks if he has spine crawlers expo behind the 2 rax if now start spamming reapers and doing damage. once he gets roaches build bunker at nat and fill it with marines from reactored barracks and get a tech lab on the other barracks into basicly the same thing as i do vs toss
edit you said all matchups so....

PVP 3 stalker rush into expo (i hate 4 gates so i just do this all the time so they cannot 4 gate me

PVT1 gate expand with 3 stalker MSC pressure get 2 more WG and a starport get 3 oracles and do an attack with MSC and 3 oracles into 5 gates +1 attack aggression with 3-4VRs

PVZ FFE> 6zealot +1 timming to try and kill third into zealot archon pheonix comp because i hate freaking mutas

ZVZ haha i have no clue what i do i just kinda play by ear.sometimes i do a 3RR with burrow drop a hatch while researching burrow and you can get reinforcements streaming fairly quickly or ..... muta games....... hate these so bad

ZVT i dont know yet....

ZVP i make swarmhosts and queens o and spine crawlers because why not right?
tvt, reactor hellion expand,
tvz reactor hellion expand
tvp reactor hellion expand
excpet i get mines instead, better against protosss, then get tanks/hellbats into w/e
TvT- mech
TvZ- Mech
TvP- mech or all in. Usually all in. cause screw late game TvP imo
TvT - reaper expand into bio tank and fast & greedy 2-2
TvZ - 13 gas with 5 marines and a single widow mine - can be defensive or offensive depending on his gas and how many lings are out and then into bio tank
TvP - typically 1 rax FE but now moving more towards HTOMario's delayed 1-1-1 into mech.
TvT - 1 rax FE into early bio upgrades
TvZ - Reaper expand into hellion pressure into MMM
TvP - Been doing a little 2 rax pressure, but typically 1 rax FE > 3 rax
TvZ - 1raxFE into old school Hellion / Banshee, into double Armory mech. 70% winrate, so far, but if that starts to drop, I might try some bio (it's been a while, but I use to go Tankless MMM vs Zerg).

TvP - 15gas Reactor expo into mech (still working out the kinks in this one). Sometimes I do a 14gas Reactor-first 2rax all-in.

TvT - 12gas Reaper expand into bio into double ebay (stole from Demuslim), but I'm also trying out an airless mech opener, that Halby and Nebbish are working on.
I play mech in all matchups.

TvP - HTOMario's build. Delayed 1-1-1 (get CC before starport) with mostly marines and widow mines for defense. Hellion follow up for map control if I scout they expo.

TvT - Factory expand using hellions and some mines for map control and drop defense.

TvZ - CC first. If I scout hatch first from enemy, I build on the low ground, otherwise, as part of the wall for my main. Transition into mass hellions for map control with a few widow mines if they get roaches or lots of queens so I can contain the creep spread a little bit.
Tvt- 1 rax fe Into 3 rax marine tank grab third
Tvp- 1 rax fe 3 rax 2 medivac push get third
Tvz- cc first or 1 rax fe into reactor hellion, double armory, hellbat Thor medivac

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