PKA Second Class Tounament.

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A marine looks up along the wall and shine a light to get a better look at what he thought he saw on the wall.
I drop off the side of the wall facing away from the marine, landing softly. "Gotta be more careful," I mutter quietly to myself before drawing the long sword and waiting near the corner of the wall. They had to come this way eventually.
The marine mutters to himself before returning to his patrol. He arrives near the corner where Terance was not going all the way to the corner. A slight flash of an LED in the ground is what made him stop for a minute before turning around.
Taking a risk that I hoped would pay off, I step around the corner, ramming the long sword through the marine's heart and dragging him back around the corner, which was no easy task when you considered his armor weight. Pulling the sword back, I hack into his IEF IDs and set mine up with the spider mines as friendly. "Thanks, Jeeves." The life was already gone from his eyes as I pried open his visor, looking for something useful.
{Private Thomas, where are you? Thomas answer me!! Jenkins, Gerold get over to where Thomas was on the double. Those at the north entrance find the other intruder and eliminate them. I have reinforcements coming in thirty if we need them.}
Terance hears of the dead marines comm as he searches the marine.
I curse quietly to myself and resume my waiting position. So much for a quiet removal. Of course, this was a military compound, so I shouldn't be that surprised. Reconsidering, I flash step up onto the wall, drawing my great sword, and wait for the other marines to arrive, intending to drop behind them and run 'em both through.
They stop right near the spider mines and search the area. {Jenkins, here looks like Thomas was offed. Reconfiguring the mine settings in case someone rigged the IFF systems.}
I count to ten then throw a Deadly Chase, and both men, to their surprise, find themselves flying through the air at an angle, straight into my swords. The blood spurts back about a foot as they gasp in unison The weight, however, pulls me off the wall and I have to jump down, once more setting myself to friendly on the IFFs through the dead Jenkins' suit. "Keep on sending them. I can be sneaky long as I need to," I mutter. Then I have an idea. Taking an extra moment, I set all the remaining marines to hostile and wait, listening for the characteristic sound of an exploding spider mine.
Terrance quickly finds his link to the spidermines cut before he could change his or anyother IFF.
I curse quietly and flash step onto the wall across from the one I'd been on before, the aura flaring shortly. So much for that plan. Just gotta stay off the ground. I watch and wait, listening to the sound of gunfire. I wanted to actually fight Serenity, not just let the marines off her, but at the same time, I didn't want to loose either.
I spear the spidermine on a spike of earth as I cut down a marine before getting back on top of the wall. I look at the spider mine for a moment. Hmm so that is a spidermine?
Just putting out there I'm pretty sure spider mines explode when speared.
*shrug* maybe maybe not. hell the spear could have hit just right to destroy the detonator or maybe a delayed reaction
The spider mine stops as it is impaled by the stone spike. The spike damaged the motor unit immobilizing the mine but leaving it's proximity sensor active.
I fire a quick burst from my proto-tool at the mine to destroy it before putting the spike back down. I jump down on the side away from the marines trying to sense other mines.
Noting the explosion's position, I flash step to the wall across from me and then leap down to the ground, my swords going through two marines nearby. The aura had already faded, so they wouldn't know how I even got up there.
I go back up to the top of the wall and move around looking for more Marines or even Terance.
I move quickly to the next wall and look up, catching a glimpse of Serenity's tail. Got ya. Focusing Ki into the long sword, I throw a Deadly Chase at the wall in front of her, bouncing it towards her.
I stop and barely dodge the Deadly Chase. I look around not having seen where it had come from. Now where are you? I move to a different wall.
The Chase vanishes as I ride along the ground on a Board, and throw another, bouncing it. Keep going...

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