PKA Second Class Tounament.

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I dodge the Chase and create a wall of earth in front of Terance. I drop down from the wall on the side the Chase had come from.
Leaping off the board, I go over the wall, flipping mid air, and land on the other side, blades ready.
I fling several spikes of earth at Terance from several different directions as I close on him quietly.
My blades are a blur as I deflect them, the spikes shattering or flying in new directions. Stopping, I spin and throw another group of chasers, all in random directions, the Ki energy acting as spider webs of sorts.
I drop to the ground putting my knives away. I shift to my feral form and quickly advance on Terance before shifting back and engaging him.
I pivot and bring the long blade to bear, blocking the knife blades with it and bringing the great sword down towards her head.
I move to the side towards Terance's hand that had the long sword. I move one knife to block the great sword even though I was out of its path.
The great sword smashes into the ground and I drop low, aiming to sweep Serenity's legs out from under her as I kick out in a sweep kick.
I jump and quickly put away Shadow before placing my hand on Terances shoulder and holding myself there with my feet in the air. "I could end this if I wanted." I say before throwing myself off and landing a few feet away.
I grin, the aura flares and I appear behind Serenity, my long sword less than an inch from Serenity's neck. "Don't bet on it." I spin the other way, letting my great sword do the attack this time.
I duck and sweep Terance's legs as I bring my knife at his back.
I catch myself on my hands and kick the hand away, back flipping away.
I follow Terance quickly not wanting to let him recover enough to mount a defence.
Landing on my feet, I surprise Serenity with a lunge, my swords in an X pattern and the light of the rising moon glinting off them.
I grin as the light glinting off his swords meant I could use my IT. I disappear from in front of Terance then reappear above him. I shoot him in the back with a few low power blasts from my proto-tool.
Grunting, the Deadly Chase I'd thrown before, came back, and I pull Serenity in, slamming her into a wall with a powerful cross slice. "Hit for hit, mi amigo." The aura flares and I vanish again, a blade storm flying at Serenity.
I was gone again as the blade storm only hit the wall. I look around and sniff a bit trying to find Terance again.
I sat on a nearby wall, watching the moon. Now I knew how her Instant Transmission worked, it required light, meaning she'd use it to get above me again when I strike. That was alright though, I'd planned for it. As the moon reached it's Zenith, I flash step again, appearing in it's light and above Serenity. Spinning mid air, I grin and descend at her at an angle from above, remaining quiet.
I sensed the distortion of the light and look up at him grinning. I gave him a nice flare of light as he came down before transmuting to a different wall setting up for a larger blast from my proto-tool later.
The flare didn't penetrate my helm's visor, given it's sun blocking nature and I flash step, appearing behind her. "Well played." I thrust towards her.

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